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Baby Shower - Games, Favors and Invitations

BabyShowerGamesEtc gets down to the nitty-gritty of planning a baby shower: setting a date, finding a location, gift ideas and sending out the invitations. But once you've got that out of the way you can concentrate on the fun stuff: We're talking theme, food, decorations, and games.


Baby Shower Idea's, Planning and Themes

     Get Guests Involved With Games      Candy Bar Baby Shower Games
     Three Baby Shower Games      Help With Choosing a Theme
     Let the Baby Shower Games Begin!      List for Planning Your Baby Shower
     Games for a Limited Budget      Baby Shower Ideas
     Baby Shower Game - What's In The Jar?      Baby Shower Hostess Gifts
     Baby Shower: Men Welcome Too      Invitations for Your Perfect Baby Shower
     Baby Shower Prizes and Favors      Being the Best Baby Shower Host
     Baby Shower Etiquette      Loads of Baby Shower Theme Ideas
     Help Guests Get Acquainted      Advice for Planning Your Shower
     Baby Shower Loot Bags      Jungle Baby Shower Theme Ideas
     How About a Baby Shower Scrapbook?      Simple Tips for Planning a Baby Shower
     Baby Shower Expenses      Baby Shower Gift Ideas
     Snoopy Baby Shower      Baby Shower Word Games
     Baby Shower Bingo      Baby Shower Gifts and Favors
     Baby Shower Game Variety Is a Must      Baby Shower Pictures
     Baby Shower Centerpieces      Baby Shower Registry
     Baby Shower Invitation Wording      Unique Baby Shower Gifts
     Baby Shower Favor Ideas      Baby Shower Corsage
     Baby Shower Cake Ideas      Baby Shower Gift Baskets
     Baby Shower Diaper Cakes      Baby Shower Plates
     Baby Shower Tableware      Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
     Baby Shower Cakes      Homemade Baby Shower Favors
     Baby Shower Poems      Free Baby Shower Ideas
     Baby Shower Party Supplies      Noah's Ark Baby Shower
     Baby Shower Clipart      Baby Shower Sayings For Cake
     Baby Shower Ice Breaker Games      3 Fast and Simple Baby Shower Games
     Baby Shower On A Budget      Have Your Baby Shower Ouside
     Get Creative With Your Baby Shower      Make a Memorable Shower Scrapbook

Baby Shower Games

Few parties can compete with baby showers for pure joy and fun. And part of what makes them so fun is the games that are played. Favorites such as guessing what's in the baby-food jar, and the race where players see who can drink what's in her baby bottle fastest, combined with new, unique games, all provide for great memories, friendly competition--and hey, an occasional prize helps, too! You can find hundreds of games from friends and family. And we hope that here on this website you'll find something that will also make your party extra special. Read More.


Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby shower etiquette? Does that mean wearing baby bibs when you eat and not sucking your thumb? Well, not exactly but there are some simple rules that should be followed to make sure everyone is treated fairly and kindly before, during and after the shower. This includes things such as proper etiquette regarding invitations, who should host it, where and when it should be held, and More. While you don't want to get so bogged down in this as to spoil the fun of the event, there are basic guidelines to be followed. You can find these on many party planning sites, including this one. Read More.


Baby Shower Budget

Do you want to plan a baby shower budget or a friend, family member, or co-worker, but don't have a fortune to spend? Relax. There are lots of steps you can take that will keep the costs for planning and executing your party at a minimum. There are ways you can buy cheap decorations or even make some of your own. You can lower the food costs by serving some snacks rather than a more elaborate meal and even getting the guests involved in bringing part of the food. And there are lots more suggestions you can find here on our website. So enjoy! Read More.


Baby Shower Themes

Are you a Winnie the Pooh fan? Or maybe want to dress the new baby in all-things Snoopy? Then how about incorporating that into your baby shower theme? There are all kinds of ideas you can borrow to create the perfect shower theme for you or your loved one. And you can incorporate that theme into the decorations, games, food, and even the invitations. The main rule is that the theme should Mean something to the family, that it should easily apply to most elements of the shower and it should be fun! You can find hundreds of theme ideas by Googling "baby shower themes," or for the best ideas, check out our website. Read More.


Baby Shower Party Favors

When you host a baby shower, it's important that all things be done with "fun" in mind. But it's also important for you to remember your guests. They've taken time out of their schedules to help your friend or loved one celebrate an important event in her life. Most hostesses like to offer some kind of party favors for guests to take with them to remember the party. This is usually something inexpensive but useful to the guest. Even an entire gift bag is often used. You can ask friends for ideas for baby shower party favors, plus we think you'll find some great ideas right here on this website. Read More.


Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower for your friend or loved one is fun but it can be overwhelming at times. You have to decide on a theme, buy decorations, send out invitations, and Make up some food. You also have to incorporate fun games that will be enjoyable to all. Planning effectively normally involves writing out a checklist for yourself to make sure you take all necessary steps and buy everything necessary. Also, don't be afraid to ask someone to help you with the planning. We hope the information on this website will show you the way through the planning process. Read More.


Baby Shower Gift Ideas

What kind of gift does one buy for a baby shower? Baby gifts of course! This could be in the form of toys for the child (newborn-friendly, of course). Clothing is always welcome, perhaps with a family favorite cartoon character on it. Some people even buy baby foods or juices for the family. In some cases, a co-ed baby shower is organized (for both mother and father), and if that's the case, male guests may want to attend and buy some well, masculine type gifts. For lots of gift ideas, feel free to check out the rest of our website. Read More.

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