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Unique Baby Shower Gifts Tips on How To Decide?


Any gift received by a mother-to-be is always appreciated, whether large or small, costly or inexpensive, thoughtful or generic. However, it’s safe to say that the gifts the new parents will remember the most come from the people that make the effort to purchase or create a truly unique baby shower gift. At a shower, the gift is, of course, the most important part of the celebration, and if you take the time to give something from the heart, the event will be even more special for the mom-to-be.

Now, don’t think that to be memorable, a gift has to be outrageously expensive. Whether you choose a present which is for the baby, the new mother, or both, there are many unique options. You can also consider giving a gift that both parents can use – even the grandparents. These are the core people in the new baby’s life and they need all the support and thoughtfulness they can, both before and after the birth.

One way to give a useful, but personalized gift, is by purchasing regular baby items and having them embroidered or personalized in some way. Ideal for this are clothing and fabric items, such as t-shirts or sleepers, bibs, blankets, and hats. They can be monogrammed with the baby’s initials, or the family crest, or any special design you choose, becoming keepsakes that the entire family will treasure. If you are talented with yarn or fabric, consider making a blanket or wall hanging entirely by your own hand.

Another unique gift, most appropriate for baby girls, is to give a tiny pair of hypo-allergenic gold earrings or some other piece of jewelry (keeping in mind, of course, that it will likely have to be held for a few years for safety reasons).

A fun gift for the parents-to-be is a set of custom-made t-shirts with a sweet or funny saying on them – you could even make a tiny t-shirt to finish off the set. An idea might be for the father’s shirt to read “Papa Bear,” mother’s to read “Mama Bear,” and, of course, the new arrival’s shirt would say “Baby Bear.”

An even more practical option would be to embroider or personalize a diaper bag or large tote, pre-loading it with diapers, bottles, wet wipes, or anything you think they will find useful. You can also put together a gift basket for baby, mom, and/or dad, making them either baby- or relaxation-focused.


For example, the baby basket would likely be filled with burp cloths, bottles, and a rattle or other toy. Mom’s basket could be lined with an extra-large maternity shirt for the last few weeks of pregnancy, and filled with relaxing items like bubble bath and a gel eye mask. Dad’s basket might be a diaper tool kit, with step-by-step instructions so he has no excuses for not helping out (a pair of earplugs might make a nice addition).

Whatever you decide to give as your unique baby shower gift, be sure to take the new parents’ tastes and style into consideration. You’ll surely come up with a special present that they will remember – and appreciate – for years to come.

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