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Try These Two Candy Bar Games for Your Baby Shower


The good news that a friend is expecting a baby calls for a celebration. That's the whole purpose of the baby shower. It's a day for the mom (and dad) to invite friends to celebrate this great upcoming event. Traditionally, baby showers have been an all-ladies event. In the 21st century, though, this is changing. It's now not uncommon at all for men to be at the event.


And why not? Both parents will be an important part of the child's life, so why shouldn't they both have friends over? However, this does present a challenge of offering games that both men and women will enjoy.

Don't fret; we have the perfect idea. Both men and women love chocolate. So here are three baby shower games that make use of chocolate candy bars.


1) Chocolate Diaper Game. Before the shower, melt several different types of chocolate candy: Hersheys, Reese's, Butterfinger, etc. Smear the results in several different diapers. During the game, pass around the diapers and have the guest smell the candy that's on them and try to guess what kind of candy it is. The person who gets the most right guesses wins a prize.


2) Candy Bar Matching Game. The idea of this game is to have your guests match several clues about pregnancy, babies, labor, delivery, motherhood and fatherhood to a candy bar name. Give a sheet of paper to each guest, along with a pencil, so they can write down clues. Place the candy bars that you'll be using (each with a name related to the clues) on a table for everyone to see. Then ask each guest to right the correct candy name in front of the relevant clue. Here are some suggestions to use:


* Baby Giggles for Snickers
* Hospital Bill for 100 Grand Bar
* Breastfeeding for Milky Way
* Daddy for Big Hunk
* Triplets for 3 Musketeers
* Anesthesiologist for Mr. Goodbar
* Pregnant Belly for Chunky
* Doctor for Life Savers
* Your baby for Treasures
* Baby's First Tooth for Crunch
* What You Do to Babies for Kisses
* Possible Girls' Name for Baby Ruth


Give a time limit, and the person who gets the most correct in that time wins all of the candy on the table.


Candy Bar Memory Game. For this one, get 30 post-it notes and about 15 or 20 candy bars. Write down the names on one of the notes. Each candy bar name should be on two notes. At the end, you should have 30 or 40 post-it notes. Stick these on the board at random, with the writing toward the board. When the game starts, have guests pick two notes at a time.


If it's a match, the person wins a point and selects again. If not, she turns them back around and play moves to the next person. Every time someone gets a match, they can go again. When all notes have been matched, the person who has the most matches wins all of the candy bars.


For all of these games, feel free to use the mini-sized candy bars so you're not spending too much money.

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