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An Expert To-Do List for Planning Your Baby Shower


Planning a baby shower can be quite the task. Many details need to be considered. There is who to invite, where the party will take place, food, drinks, and activities to engage the guests in. It could put a damper on the party if the guest list is not properly attended to. Nobody wants the mother to be stressed out because a friend or family member was not invited. Forgetting to include games will leave the party dull and listless with people idling.


Even if one or two things get over looked these situations can always be corrected. Much like life, a party is what you make it. If a guest is forgotten apologies and gifts will mend hurt feelings. If game ideas were not given proper attention get creative and come up with some ideas with items you already have. A deck of cards can typically be found in most people’s houses. Simple items such as pen paper can be tools for a game. The following 8 step guide will take the pressure off making it easier to main control over the party planning. With the baby shower invitations sent, games ready to be played, and all minute details covered the planner can enjoy the party too.

  1. Who, What, Where
    First things first, we all know it is a baby shower. So, the “what” is taken care of. The “Who” requires a little more attention. Who is going to throw the baby shower, an individual or several people? Also, a guest list must be designed. This task may require the help of several people for names and addresses to be available to the planner. Where to hold the event also needs to be considered. Will it be held at a house or at a venue? The appropriate arrangements should be made early on in the development of the party. Once the basics are taken care of along comes every thing else.
  2. Little Details
    It may not seem like a big project getting all the little details in order. However, some times a lot of little things can become one big thing. The time and date should be set as soon as possible. Make sure that the time and date decided on is convenient for the guest of honor and the people closest to her such as her family. This may appear to be a simple task, but often people have conflicting schedules and this task could prove itself to be quite difficult. The budget will also need to be considered. How much can be spent? Get creative when it comes to managing the budget. Perhaps have it in your home instead renting out a venue. This will allow for more money to be spent on food and games. Make sure to stay organized. Keep a schedule for not only the time that will be spent at the party, but also for how time will be spent planning for the baby shower. With these details decided upon creating a theme can be granted full attention.
  3. The Theme
    Themes are a great way to create the atmosphere of the baby shower. When the guests arrive they will be more inclined to partake in the festivities when the room is inviting and illuminating the reason for the event. The theme can consist of narrow or broad concepts. For instances, it could be centered on a cartoon character or even just a color. It is important to be conscience of what the mother to be would enjoy. However, it can be somewhat easy to go over board. Be careful not to over due it. We do not want guests going into baby visual delirium.
  4. The Guest List
    The stress the guest list can create for the planner can have all the strain that Atlas endured under the weigh of the world. There is no way to avoid the necessity for this grueling task so jump in to it with vigor. First consider how many people the budget will allow. Decide if this going to be women only or if every one is to be invited. Consult with family members and close friends to get all the details on who should be invited and if anybody should be avoided. Make the guest list then look at it again, and again. Make sure no one is excluded from being considered.
  5. After all it is a Party
    Now it is time to get creative focusing on fun. With the budget and the theme in mind start shopping for decorations and invitation stationary. Always remember to include games! The fun and laughter games will create will make the entire stressful shower planning worth it.
  6. Designing a Menu Concept
    Every body has to eat they might as well enjoy it. Once again taking the budget in to consideration plan a menu that will have some thing that all the guests can enjoy. Do not forget about dessert! Chocolate and sweets are things most people can agree on and a course you can never have too much of.
  7. Lets Talk Party Favors
    For the most part the guests will be the one’s bringing the gifts. However, that does not mean that there cannot be gifts for the guests too. This will show instant gratitude from the mother to be. It is also a good way to get every body interacting. Do not worry about sticking to traditions. A little originality can go a long way. Making gift bags personal can add a nice touch. Gifts for guest do not have to be limited to just gift bags. Incorporating prizes into the games is good way to get people involved and interested.
  8. The Aftermath
    A plan for when activities will take place should be devised before the party gets going. The details of when games will be played, food will be served, and when the shower will be over should be taken in to consideration. Then after the shower is over who will help clean up? Who will help the mother to be transport her baby goods home? What will be done with left over food? While these decisions may seem overwhelming in and of itself just take it one step at a time. These factors will have to be determined the solutions will be more efficient if planned before the party begins.
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