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Three Baby Shower Games You Will Never Forget


In any new parents’ life, having a baby is an exciting time.. However, before the crib, the nursery, the bottles and the cute little baby clothes, and of course, the baby, there’s the baby shower! A baby shower can be both a fun and exciting experience for all of those involved, whether it is your in-laws, your close friends, your own parents or anyone else present for your baby shower. Now here’s the tricky part, what do you plan for fun and games?


This game provides a great way to start off the festivities. The ‘Baby’s Name’ contest is where the future mommy and daddy can choose to have everyone work individually or divide the party into groups or teams (of any number of people of your choosing,) while they create amusing acronyms for the baby’s name using the letters from the parents’ names. There are no real set ‘rules’ for this game, so feel free to make up your own! You can let them choose between any of the letters in your names, last names, or you can also choose to require all the letters in your names to be used. If you don’t wish to use your own names, you could also try using other relatives’ names, or even choose a random set of letters! It’s really up to you, just be sure to give out prizes to the most unique or funny names!

Another game that would provoke the fun among your guests is called ‘Baby’s Bottle.’ Provide all of your participating guests with bottles full of your choice of liquid and hold a contest to see who can empty their bottle first. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds, and it would be a great way to get your male (or female) guests involved in the party by cheering on all of the contestants! “Chug! Chug! Chug!”


Last but not least, there’s ‘Baby Bingo!’ This game is a perfect opportunity to get your guests involved in the opening of the gifts. When it’s time to begin opening the baby’s gifts, the parents can hand out sheets of pink or blue construction paper to all of their guests. You can also choose to use yellow or green paper if the parents don’t know the sex of the baby or they do not wish to reveal the sex of the baby until birth. Have your guests divide the paper into four, nine, or sixteen square sections.


The number of sections you use is dependent upon how many gifts the future parents are about to open. Before daddy or mommy-to-be open any gifts, have each of your guests draw or write the names of various gifts they think the proud parents will receive. Of course, only one gift per square! Go ahead and begin opening your gifts and have your guests mark down on their ‘Baby Bingo!’ sheets on the squares that match their baby gift predictions. As in traditional ‘Bingo,’ the first person to complete an entire row wins a prize!

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