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Snoopy Baby Shower A Doggone Good Theme


Baby showers can be a very difficult task if you are not organized and prepared. When hosting a baby shower, many ideas flow through your mind on how it should be arranged, how much will it cost, and how many people to invite. One of the most important aspects of hosting a baby shower is focusing on a main idea. Creating a theme for a baby shower is the biggest part of making the shower a success even if you have never hosted a baby shower before. By focusing on one main idea, such as, Snoopy, you can create a variety of games, party gifts, and entrees related to the theme.


When using the theme, Snoopy, you will need to make sure that the location of the baby shower has a variety of Snoopy features throughout the area. You do not have to be expensive or extravagant when buying or creating the items, just stay on focus with the theme of the baby shower. You can obtain pictures from a variety of internet sites as well as dollar stores or any other stores who offers Snoopy items.

When creating the games, you should incorporate Snoopy on all of the games. One game that you can use is the dirty diaper game. Instead of putting chocolate in one of the diapers, you can but honey in the diaper. This creates at least one diaper as the “poop” diaper. Also by using plain white diapers you can cut out pictures of Snoopy and glue them to the outside of the diapers as part of your theme. The person that opens the dirty diaper can win the party gift. As far as party gifts, you can obtain cheap gifts such as a $1.00 Snoopy frame or even a Snoopy glass set.


Another game that can be used is pinning the diaper on the Pooh. You can draw a poster board sized Snoopy on the poster board and cut out paper diapers, blind fold the guest and see if he/she can pin the diaper on the Pooh. Whoever pins the diaper the closest to the Pooh win the prize, and of course gifting the winning guest with a Snoopy gift incorporates the theme.


Staying within the theme of the baby shower makes the party interesting and unpredictable. So many times people just throw baby showers together without focusing on one main idea. When a baby shower has one main focus the hostess can make it as interesting as she would like for it to be. Coordinating the colors as well as food items that focus on Snoopy brings a lot into the baby shower. Remember having that main idea can make a baby shower a success and even make it simple for a first time hostess. Just make sure the parents to be agree with the theme and you will never go wrong.

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