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Ask an expectant mother the top ten things she needs prior to the birth of her baby and the odds are she won’t be asking for specific items in certain colors for the shower. Thoughts are more focused on needing help with caring for the baby once he or she is born. Regardless of this fact, baby showers will continue on as they always have and expecting mothers will need to give some sort of gift ideas to shower guests.


Some questions that are asked frequently are what are the various types of gifting and what is the correct protocol? Money trees, mother’s registry, cash and gift cards will be addressed below.


The Gift That is Never Duplicated

Gift cards can be a great gift. Let’s face it, they are practical and the beneficiary of the card can get exactly what she wants. There are even instances where the shower invitations may notate to bring gift cards only. Personally, I prefer gift cards if I am giving to someone that is a casual acquaintance. For example, if you want to purchase a card for your son’s little league coach, then voila, the gift and idea is perfect. However, there is something about giving a gift card at a baby shower that puts a damper on the entire event, in my humble opinion. Have you ever seen the expectant mother hold up a card while the crowd oohs and aahhhs? Not very likely. They are a tool of convenience which requires little if any thought. But, some people love them.

Tell me what you want!
From my perspective, this is the way to go. If an expectant mother signs up with a store for a gift registry, then there is no room for error! To all concerned, I believe this is a win-win situation. Guests know precisely what color, what item, where and what motif to buy and can do so knowing that the gift is needed and wanted. No muss, no fuss! A word of caution for the hostesses: Be sure to include gifts of varying prices. Not everyone can afford to give hefty gifts and modestly priced items will be appreciated by your guests. To include pricey gifts only borders on rudeness.


The Proverbial “Made of Money” Tree
Although money trees are a commonplace site at most showers, I would highly advise against having one. Most people are offended when the money trees are displayed. It gives an overwhelming suggestion that all the expectant mother is interested in is money for the baby. Many consider this to be rude. Instead of insisting on a money tree, allow guests to bring either a gift or money. Perhaps keep all the cash in an envelope so that it doesn’t take over the decorations in prominence.


Dream Trees
This is an idea that allows you to incorporate a money tree in a very subtle manner. If guests want to contribute cash, then take those cash items and allow every person to contribute a dream for the baby and new family. Not only can these dreams be read during the shower but they are wonderful keepsakes for your baby on the way! This really allows your guests to show creativity by not only thinking of a wish for the baby and your new family, but what will signify or portray that wish the best? Perhaps a framed photograph of the beach or park attached with a note saying, “I am dreaming a wish for you and your new family to have lots of days enjoying nature and each other!” Again, these keepsakes are priceless and can be kept throughout the years so that your family and new baby can enjoy them always.


Wishing Well
Another great idea is bred from the Money and Dream Tree motif. A Wishing well can be decorated so that guests can write down a wish with a gift and put it in the well. Again, the hostess can read the comments for everyone later in the party. For example, a package of sunflower seeds and a simple note stating “Here’s hoping you have a sunshiny life with your new family”. The thought will be appreciated by the hostess and the other guests. Also, if you want to have wishes only put into the well, then perhaps you can find spare change to place beside the well and then at the end of the party, the change can be donated to a charity. These are all wonderful ideas!


Individualize your Shower
Don’t be afraid to make your next baby shower unique to your tastes. That is part of the entertainment! Your guests will enjoy and appreciate your choosing games and gifts that are not only affordable but convenient to give. For example, some people simply do not enjoy shopping inside a store. For those friends, why not suggest a few websites that feature the items that you are looking for? Not only can your friends order online and easily buy the product, but they didn’t have to spend time inside a mall and store! Using online retailers are not only convenient, but they also can handle gift-wrapping, personal notes etc. when they ship your gift. It’s one stop shopping at its best!


By providing different ideas and suggestions for your guests, your shower will be sure to be a hit! Just remember that there are as many variations and ideas as you want there to be! Good Luck.


Another fantastic idea is Charity Ideas
For example, I know of a guest that gave a gift to the expectant mother and also provided a snapshot of baby needs such as blankets, diapers, bottles, formula and other various items that she gave to a women’s shelter or children’s charity. I find that these types of gifts mean so much not only to the hostess but to the eventual recipients.


So spend some time before your next shower and give some thought to what will be the most fun, practical and enjoyable for your guests

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