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Take Your Baby Shower Outside


Think about all of the parties you've attended in your lifetime. Think about the birthday parties, the anniversary parties, the wedding showers, wedding receptions, even the baby showers. Chances are good that almost every party you've been to has been indoors. It doesn't have to be that way, though. An outdoor party can be something that everyone will remember, precisely because they're so uncommon. An outdoor baby shower especially will be fun.


Baby showers have for generations been a terrific way, not only of having fun, but to honor the expectant mother. At these baby showers, the new mom's family and friends gather with her to help her celebrate this new life and well as to celebrate their friendship with her. Traditionally, though, the events have been somewhat closed-off and self-contained.


The showers were held inside, in private walls, where nobody could see what was happening, and usually where only a few female friends of the new mom were partying with her. Moving the shower outside changes the whole personality of the shower. Now suddenly, new activities are possible. Plus it makes it easier for the men to also take part in the shower.

If you decide to have an outdoor baby shower, it changes many of your plans. For instance, on your shower invitations, you need to make it clear in the details that this will be an outdoor event. Also, if you want to make it co-ed, mention that they are invited as well. The kids can come, too.


A baby shower should be simple, and yet fun. There should be plenty of games, activities, and gifts for the mom-to-be. This is just as true for the outdoor baby shower. And it's true even with dads present. In fact, be sure to mark clearly on your invitations that gifts for dad are encouraged, or gag gifts for the new daddy are welcome. Either way, this gives the men someone who buy for: Guys will probably feel more comfortable getting something for the new daddy.


As you plan on the games, remember your surroundings. Supplies might tend to blow away outdoors, so stand guard over them. Also, it'll be harder for your guests to hear the instructions for the game, so make the rules simple. Use games which are likely to have good participation from both the males and females.

Be sure to take lots of pictures, preferably with a digital camera. These will make great mementos for everyone, especially the guest of honor, following the shower.


Finally, as for the food, this is a no-brainer. Cook-out types of food (such as hamburgers, ribs and hotdogs) work perfectly for an outdoor shower. Be sure to have plenty of supplies on hand, such as paper plates, plastic forks, knives, and spoons, and also napkins. You'll want to make sure the napkins and plates are held down so that the inevitable blast of wind doesn't carry them away. Equipped with the right supplies and good entertainment, you can be sure your outdoor shower will be a hit.

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