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Although some people think it's an absolute blast to throw a baby shower for a friend, others panic, especially if they've never done it before. Where do you start? What do you do? What does a successful baby shower look like, anyway? And is it possible to organize one without spending a lot of money?


To make your job easier, here are the steps you need to keep in mind.

1) Make a guest list. If you're not sure who to invite, and it's a surprise party, call someone just as the new mom's mother or her husband to find out who should come. If the guest of honor already knows you're throwing a shower for her, then just ask her who you should invite.

2) From this list, you'll be in a better position for step 2: creating a budget. Estimate about $20 per person for your shower budget.

3) Decide the venue. Will you host the shower at your home? Outside in the garden? In a special church room? Somewhere else? Nail this down early.

4) Establish the time and date for the event. The two primary considerations, in order, are: What works for the guest of honor, and when will the most number of guests be available?

5) Buy or make your invitations and get the out in plenty of time for the guests to adjust their schedules. That means they should get the invitation at least two, and preferably three, weeks before the shower. The invitations must tell the venue, date, and time, and any special instructions (such as, if you need them to bring something for one of the games). It's also smart to include an RSVP.

6) Pick a color scheme. If you have a themed shower, this might be pre-determined for you. Otherwise, go with something such as a green or cream color for a boy or a pink and white scheme for a girl. Plates, napkins and decorations should be coordinated with this color scheme.

7) As part of your decorations, plan and set up a gift table and centerpieces for guest tables. There are lots of unique ways of creating a baby shower centerpiece. An example might be a bundle of diapers, bibs and other baby items placed in the middle of the table, secured with a ribbon. The gift table should be coordinated with your theme or color schemes, and obviously is only for gifts for the guest of honor.

8) Plan some simple, fun games. These are what will really make your baby shower memorable. You need not spend a lot of money; just search for printable shower games online.

9) Finally, decide on a menu for your event. The type of food will vary depending on theme or the tastes of the guests and guest of honor.

If you follow this guide systematically, step by step, then you'll find that putting on a baby shower is not that difficult, and you'll have enjoyed the experience.

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