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Six Simple But Fun Baby Shower Games

Baby showers have evolved over the decades, so that today, they're more about having fun than they are hosting a "serious" party. The well-planned baby shower helps the mom-to-be take her mind off the stresses associated with pregnancy. Also, these days it's becoming more common for men to attend baby showers. The key to making the shower a true success, though, is having good games. The best baby shower games are fun, funny, and simple to do. Here are a few suggestions you should try.

CLOTHE ME, MOMMY: This is a fun game that couples enjoy trying out together. You'll need diapers, baby dolls and diaper pins. Give a doll to each couple, along with diapers and pins. The couples must work as a team, putting the diaper on their doll as fast as possible. The game starts with a whistle, and the first couple to put on the diaper on the doll wins a token prize.

DRINK MILK: In this game, it's every player for herself. To start, fill a bunch of baby bottles with milk and then put the nipples on them. Hand a bottle to each guest, and ask them to suck the milk out of the bottle. The first person to drink all of her milk is declared the winner.

BEND YOUR BELLY: This is a truly unique yet easy game that will be a blast. You'll need some large inflated balloons and beads to play. Begin by asking all guests to put a balloon under their dress, shirt or blouse. Now throw beads onto the floor. Each guest must bend and pick up some beads off of the floor. Anyone whose balloon bursts is out. The one who collects the most in two or three minutes wins.

NAME THE BABY: This is a simple game that requires almost no supplies. Simply write out the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper, with ample space between each letter. Now ask the guests to come up with names beginning with each letter. You can require 1, 2 or 3 names for each letter. The person who finishes her list first is the winner.

GUESS THE SIZE: You start this game by giving strings to each guest. Now ask each guest to estimate the belly size of the new mom. The guests must show their guess on their string, by tying the ends together (The circle is their guess of how big her tummy is). After everyone is done, collect these from the guests. Measure the mom's real stomach size. The one who got the closest wins a small prize.

BABY PHOTO GAME: For this game, you need to have informed guests to bring a baby photo of themselves to the shower. Take these when they arrive. Also get one of the new mom, and display all the photos. Ask the guests to guess which photo is of the mom-to-be when she was a baby.

Any of these games will be a blast and help make your shower a success.

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