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The Right Questions to Ask if Your Hosting a Baby Shower


Need some answers about how to organize and host a baby shower? Sometimes getting the right answers is as simple as asking the right questions. For instance:

1) "Who should I invite?" As a general rule, you'll want to invite the expectant mother's female family and friends to the event. If the shower is co-ed, then extend this to the males, as well. If this is to be a surprise shower, then make sure that those whom you tell about it help spread the word to others. Also, if it's a shower, sometimes you can find out who's close to the guest of honor by speaking to her parents or her spouse. If you plan to have children attending the shower, then you'll need to plan separate activities for them, while the grown-ups are doing their thing.

2) "When and Where Should the Shower Take Place?" Early in the planning stage, you'll need to determine the venue. It needs to be somewhere that the new mom will feel comfortable. This is typically at a friend's or family member's house. Sometimes, though, it's held at the new mom's house. This is sometimes convenient, since the guest of honor won't have to go anywhere. If you do this, though, don't make a mess and leave it for the mom to clean up; a group of guests should get together and do the clean-up at the end of the shower.

If it's to be a larger shower, then you can rent a banquet hall or a room in a nice restaurant. Other possible places include catered dining rooms, church fellowship halls, or for outdoor showers, parks or large gardens.

As for the timing, the shower should take place several weeks before the scheduled arrival of the baby. It is, however, becoming increasingly common to have showers after the birth, so that the guests can see the young one who is being celebrated. As for the time of day, this will usually be in the evening, since that's when the most people will be free to attend.

3) "What Activities Should We Include?" The best idea is to have showers that are built around the concept of a baby. You can find these with a search on Google or Bing. Also incorporate a short "congratulations" speech into the festivities, as well as a time for allowing the guest of honor to open gifts.

4) "What Kind of Food Should We Serve?" The food doesn't always have to be baby-themed, although it's nice when it matches the overall theme of the shower. Cake works well, as do some mini-sandwich appetizers. You can also include cookies or pastries that are shaped like baby items, such as blocks, rubber duckies, pacifiers, etc. Also, include a good punch and water. Iced tea works well, too.

5) "Where Do I Get Decorations?" Most larger towns will have a party supply store. If not, a large department store such as Wal-Mart has plenty of party supplies, and should be able to help you.

Answer these five questions, and you'll be on the way to hosting a successful shower.

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