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Try a Princess Theme for Your Baby Shower


The best baby showers have a theme, around which to build the festivities. Sometimes, the theme goes along with the interests of the parents, while other times, it's all about the newborn him or herself. One great theme, when you know that the new baby will be a girl, is the Princess Theme.

Start off by getting princess-related invitations for the shower. These are important, since they're what creates that initial excitement among your guests. Rather than using just plain invitations or printed cards, send out invitations in a special style. For instance, you might send a small pink baby shoe with the invitation, and inside say that the new baby princess has lost a shoe. The guest is to bring the invitation with the shoe to see if that's hers. This invitation is quite memorable and sets the mood of for the princess theme extremely well.

One of the most important aspects of the Princess Theme shower is to have the right decorations. Since this is a baby shower to honor a baby girl, you'll probably want pink to be a predominant color. Therefore, you might start with something such as pink balloons or confetti. Buy some cheap plastic tiaras and spread them throughout the room. To give the room a majestic look, wrap the gifts as well as the game prizes in silver gift paper. Make sure you add girly stuff such as tiny bracelets and small pink bows wherever they're appropriate. A castle centerpiece is appropriate for the tables, as is a cake with a picture of a crown or castle.

You can continue the Princess Theme through the food that you provide. Offer things such as chocolate covered strawberries or punch served in royal, stylish goblets. Sandwich squares are also good. Before serving the food, though, begin with a toast to the health of the mother and child.

Although many baby showers don't offer music, a royal event such as a Princess baby shower practically demands music. You'll want to play something with a classical symphony sound, which conveys majestic sophistication.

And finally, even your games can be tied in well with the theme. Try to keep the games simple and inexpensive. However, make sure that whatever games you have,m the expectant mom is able to take part in them with no difficulty. You might make a game of having guests suggest princess type names for the baby. Any names suggested by more than one person are eliminated. The person with the most unique princess names wins. Another idea is to have a trivia game based on famous princesses.

A theme such as the Princess Theme is one of the surest ways to make sure that everyone has a good time at a baby shower, and that the new mom will never forget it. And hey, even though the baby girl won't remember it, her mom will be able to share with her In the future about the one night when she was a princess.

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