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Got a baby shower coming up soon? Then you'll want to make it a real party. Everyone wants to have fun and to laugh at a shower. So what makes a shower fun? It often depends on things such as games, prizes and gifts. Let's run through the steps you, as the host, should take to ensure a baby shower that will leave the guests wanting more.

First, there are things such as the invitations and the food. As you plan these, think first about what the new mom would like. If she knows about the shower, you can just ask her. If it's to be a surprise, you'll need to do some thinking about this. Try to anticipate her likes.

Fortunately, there are resources that can help you, in order to take out the guess work. For instance, many websites have ideas for your shower that are enjoyed by many people. This includes invitation and food ideas. Find out about the classics there and you'll probably find something that will work for everyone.

Websites are also good resources for baby shower games that will be fun for all of your guests. However, there are so many that you'll still need to make some decisions. For instance, try to select games which are timed. This is good because it helps keeps the shower on schedule, plus it makes the games move faster. Usually, faster games are more exciting games.

Let's take an example. A good baby shower game is to have your guests write down on a piece of paper as many songs as they can think of with the word "baby" in its title. Give the guests 10 minutes for this contest. At the end, give a prize to the person who comes up with the most song titles (You might need a panel of judges to determine if it's a real song title).

Another fun game idea is one which revolves around baby food. You as the host buy several kinds of baby food and place each in a separate small dish. Have a box of plastic spoons out and ask each guest to sample each dish of the food and write on a piece of paper what they think is in each dish. The one who guesses the most correctly wins a prize. Be sure to make sure before the game starts that nobody is allergic to anything in the products.

Remember that the mom-to-be is to be the center of attention at the shower. You can even create a task just for her. For instance, one game places the new mom on the spot by blindfolding her and giving her a doll and clothing items. She is given a time limit to try to dress the baby. This will have all of your guests in stitches, laughing so hard.

One other good game: Baby Bingo. For this, all you need are some papers with grids, pens, and markers. Each guest places the name of a present that they think the new mom will receive from someone to night. As the mom opens her presents, if someone has that gift on her card, she marks it off. The first person to fill in a straight line up and down, across or diagonally, wins a prize.

With these ideas in mind, go and prepare your fun, memorable baby shower.

Looking for some ideas to give an exciting and fun baby shower? Come on in and check out this article will surely get you started.

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