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Noah's Ark Theme Baby Shower For Twins


If you are planning a baby shower, and the mom-to-be is expecting twins, one of the most popular and fun themes could be a Noah’s Ark baby shower. This article will give you ideas on how to plan a successful two-by-two thematic celebration.

For the invitation, your first and most obvious choice is to choose a boat shape. You can use regular or baby-themed paper and fold or cut it into a boat shape. Another idea is to wet brown paper and let it dry there will be water stains on the resulting invitation, giving the idea that it went through a flood to reach the guest. You can also use real calligraphy pens to write the invitation, adding some convincing blotches and spills to reinforce the water idea.

Another idea is to choose a rainbow theme, to represent the sunny skies once the flood cleared. You can actually choose a rainbow shape and write the invitation on the lines of color.

When you decorate, try to set things up two-by-two two balloons by the doorway, pairs of flowers at place settings, chairs facing each other, etc.

As for the games and activities, you don’t necessarily have to play games which are themed as Noah’s Ark the idea is to make all the games pair games that is, played with a partner. There are, however, fun ways to design your activities so that they are related to the Ark, or at least about colors, water, or animals.

An unusual choice is a crayon-wax design contest. Give each pair a brightly-colored crayon, a candle, and thick paper. The crayon is melted above the candle and the wax dropped on the paper. Then, by blowing (no hands allowed!) the contestants create a shape or pattern on the paper. They can organize themselves any way they like one melts and drops the wax, the other blows, for example but they must not use their hands. Post the resulting wax creations on a wall or spread them on the table and have the guests vote on who had the prettiest design.

A water /animal idea is a rubber ducky ring toss. Set up a wading pool even a large plastic bin or solid basket will do, depending on the size of your event and place several rubber duckies inside. Move the water around a bit so the ducks can “swim.” Have each guest, from a distance, try to catch a rubber ducky by throwing a ring around it. The winner, of course, receives a small prize.

Another fun idea for your Noah’s Ark baby shower is a scavenger hunt. Buy several small, inexpensive baby items, such as bibs, washcloths, and rattles, in different colors. Assign each pair or team a color, and have them search out their items. You can also make clues related to anything about babies or moms-to-be, and have each team follow the same route.

If your budget allows, your prizes can be his-and-her themed items. You can also choose items related to the water/beach, such as sunblock or a beach towel, or even flip-flops.

As long as you keep your mind on colors, animals, and the water, you can come up with even more ideas to make your Noah’s Ark baby shower a memorable celebration for everyone.

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