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The Monkey Business Baby Shower Theme Will Be a Hit!


If you want a creative idea for a baby shower theme, one which will be fun and memorable, here's one your guests will go bananas for: a Monkey Business theme.

A monkey-themed party is not just for kids. It adds to the fun of any party, making it more lively. If you'd like to do a monkey-themed baby shower, here are some tips to make it happen.

Monkey Business Invitations. You'll start your preparations by getting some monkey-related invitations. It should be fairly simple to find invitations with cute monkey pictures, either cartoons or photos. If you can't find them, then instead make your own that are cut out in the shape of a monkey. Get some clip-art to make a template, trace it and then cut it out. Or a plain card will work, that you run through your printer after dropping in some monkey or banana clip-art. Make sure that the envelope matches, with similar monkey or banana art.

Monkey Business Decorations. Any party store or hobby and craft shop will be packed with monkey-related items that you can use for decorations. Monkey soft toys add something cute to these decorations. You can hang them all over the party room. Also, consider getting some small artificial trees and hanging tiny monkeys and toy bananas (or cut-outs of bananas). Placing this near the center of the room will give it an awesome look. If possible, also find teacups and saucers with this theme. There are many stickers and wallpapers that you can also use.

Monkey Business Games. Your guests will have a blast with monkey-oriented games. For instance, you could have a banana eating contest. Or have a banana-peeling contest in which each participant must peel a banana without the use of their hands. The one who peels the most in a certain period of time wins a prize. A third good monkey game is called Monkey Call. The idea is that everyone must give their best monkey call. Everyone else then votes on whose was the best, and she wins a prize.

Monkey Business Refreshments. Yes, you can have food an drink that relate to the theme. Obviously, your food items will be heavy in bananas: banana nut bread or banana splits, for instance. Banana smoothies make a good drink to offer, along with more traditional punch and water. Fill out the refreshment table with trail mix, nuts, raisins, etc.

Monkey Business Baby Shower Favors. Naturally, a shower is just not a shower without favors (small gifts for your guests). Your favors can also relate to the monkey-business theme. For example, monkey bean bags are always popular. They look great and don't cost much. Other possible shower favors could include monkey sticker sets, jungle-design towels and wash cloths, or monkey kitchen aprons.

Sound like fun? It is! A monkey-themed party will be something that none of your guests will soon forget. The guest of honor will especially appreciate it!

If you're trying to pick out a baby shower theme give the Monkey business theme a try for some laughs.

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