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Mind the Baby Memory a Very Popular Game


Mind the Baby is a simple baby shower game that has always been popular among guests and hostesses alike. It is a fun and exciting game, but is very simple to play. Unlike many other baby shower games, it involves very little setup time that can encroach on the time you get to spend with your guests.


As a hostess of the Mind the Baby Memory Game, the first step is to assemble a few basic baby items, like a bottle, pacifier, rattle, and a bottle of baby lotion. Stuffed animals or bibs would also be good items to choose. This is your chance to customize the game, so feel free to choose items that fit the theme of the party, or the gender of the expected bundle of joy. Make sure you have at least twenty items to make the game challenging. When choosing your items, be mindful of size- you would not want to put a very small item that all of your guests would not be able to see.

You should then put your chosen items on a large tray and cover them so that your guests cannot see the items. Then, bring out your tray to the middle of the party, still covered, so that the contents are still a mystery to your guests. Placing the tray in the middle of the room, gather your guests together and tell them that you are going to play a memory game- because you want everyone to remember your party.


Each guest should have a pad of paper and a writing instrument before you begin. If you are expecting to play a lot of games that will involve writing, you might want to consider ordering pads of paper that are personalized with the expected baby’s name as party favors. If Mind the Baby will be your only game involving writing, a simple piece of paper will suffice.


Tell your guests to put down their pens and focus on the tray in the center of the room. At this point, you should uncover the tray to reveal the baby items. Make sure that all your guests can see the tray fully in order to keep the game fair. Tell your guests that they have exactly 2 minutes to memorize all of the items on the tray. Do not allow them to write anything down.


After the two minutes are up recover the tray. Every guest then has the opportunity to write down all the things that they remember seeing. Make sure that this is an individual task, unless you are having a larger party and have broken the group into teams. This part of the game can get a little noisy if there are groups playing, so be sure to allow enough space between people where they cannot hear each others answers.


When everyone has finished with their lists, compare to see which of your guests has the best memory. The individual with the most right answers should be given an appropriate prize.

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