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Male and Female Baby Showers are the New Hip Thing

We usually think of baby showers as being a ladies' only event. Increasingly, though, men are starting to join in the fun. That's at least partly because, unlike a few decades ago, showers today do not feature lots of talk of pregnancy, the labor room, and such. Instead, they are just times of getting to know people, and having fun. Because co-ed showers are so prominent now, there has arisen a need for new games that men can also enjoy. Here are some particularly good ones.

ONE-HANDED DIAPER CHANGE: With this game, one man teams with one woman. Together, they try to change a doll's diaper, removing one and tying on a new one. However, making this more of a challenge is a fact that each person in the couple can only use one hand. The first couple to tie their diaper wins.

MULTI-TASKING SUPER PARENT: This is an easy game in which two guests hold a clothes-line. All of the other guests then approach one by one and hangs clothes in a minute's time. The challenge is that each guest must hold a doll in on hand, talk on a cell phone with the other, and at the same time, hang clothes. The person who hangs the most items in 60 seconds wins.

BABY BOTTLE GAME: For this game, get several small baby bottles and fill them with different kinds of fruit juices. During the game, guests are to drink juice by sucking on one of the baby bottles. The person who finishes his or her juice first is the winner. It might seem easy to do, but it's really difficult to suck all of the juice out of a baby bottle.

BELLY RACE: Before starting this fun game, blow up several big balloons. Tell the male guests that they must each put one under their shirts. During the game, they race into another room, bend over and tie their shoes, and then return to their original starting point. The first one who gets back to his starting point wins, but anyone who bursts his balloon in the process is disqualified.

POTATO WALK: For this co-ed game, you need to ask the guests to take a potato and place it between their knees. When the game starts, they walk across the living room, placing the potato into a jar without touching it with their hands. It's hilarious watching everyone's funny walk and how they try to get the potato in the jar.

BALLOON TOSS: Here's another fun balloon game, but it should be played outdoors. Fill a bunch of balloons with water. Each guest pairs up with another guest. The teammates face each other, just a couple feet apart. Together, all teams throw the balloon across to the other guest, and the other guest throws it back. Everyone then takes a step back, and they again throw the balloon back and forth. They then take another step back, continuing in this manner. Eventually, people will begin dropping their balloons (and getting splashed). The last team with their balloon intact wins.

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