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Tips On Making a One of a Kind Baby Shower Scrapbook


Over the past several years, scrapbooking has become quite popular. It's a great way of storing your family memories in a creative format. It's also a great way to preserve memories of specific events, such as a baby shower.


So why would you want to create a baby shower scrapbook? There are actually a couple of good reasons. Number one is that people enjoy seeing photos of important events. A baby shower certainly qualifies as important. A second reason is that you can actually turn the scrapbook into something of a baby shower activity, allowing your guests to compile the book on the spot.


The first step to making the baby shower scrapbook happen is to find the supplies. There are lots of scrapbooks available, in all manner of colors and sizes. If you already know the gender of the baby, you can get the color to correspond: a pink scrapbook for a girl, or a blue one for a boy. There are even scrapbooking kits which are specifically geared for baby showers. These kits come with everything you'll need (except for the pictures, of course. Those you'll have to supply yourself.

An important consideration for the scrapbook will be the number of pages it has. You'll want to make sure that you don't run out of room before you're done. Generally, you'll need a page for every two guests who will be attending. Other supplies you should have are index cards (4 by 6 work best), photo adhesive and photo borders. To add extra flair for the pages, make available markers, colored pencils, stickers and stencils for the shower guests to use.


Ask each guest to be responsible for laying out one page and gluing in the photos for that page. Also, include a Baby Advice section. On these pages, the mom will later add pictures of her baby. But on the night of the shower, each guest writes down their advice for the child as he or she grows up. Be sure to use a nice border for this page. Some stores that carry scrapbooks also have picture borders which can be cut down to the picture's size and then pasted right on top of the photo. It's good to use something like this, because they add something special and dynamic to the page. Make sure, though, that the design on the border corresponds with the tone of that particular page.


Some people like to include stickers for their scrapbooks; they are eye-catching and can either be poignant or humorous. There are also character stickers. For instance, you can find Build-a-Bear or Thomas the Train stickers and Thomas the Train borders. Sesame Street also makes a line of stickers that you can use. There are literally hundreds of choices, so spend some time shopping around to find the best ones.

Make sure that everyone at the shower is included in the scrapbook in at least one photo. That is, after all, one of the main purposes: to record who was thoughtful enough of the new mom to be there on her special day.


Video: Will Help You With Scrapbook Ideas


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