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Some Top Baby Shower Theme Ideas


The first and perhaps biggest step in planning a baby shower is to determine the theme, or whether you are going to have one at all. It is more or less the theme that determines how the shower is going to be remembered, do you want it to be remembered as the shower where you ate a diaper cake? Or would you prefer to be remembered for throwing a sports based baby shower?


You also need to know the audience you're hosting for. What are they entertained by? What will they think is interesting? You need to consider your family and friends when considering the theme. Everything about the shower is determined by one thing really, the theme.


Also know a theme will focus your party, it will make things less scatter brained and give you a set schedule. It will let you know you need to eat the cake by 2 o’clock and open presents by 4. That is a benefit of having a theme when it comes down to it.

It’s all in the theme. Where you have it, who you invite, what you eat, what you drink it is all determined by what your party is to be based around. The theme helps determines how you decorate as well, say you are having a cowboy baby shower. You are not going to have a bunch of princess decorations while trying to show the Wild West, are you?


One big thing you need to think about before you plan though, are you going to have the shower before or after the baby is born? It’s all well and good to have the baby sitting being all cute and such while you open presents meant for him, you see all the diapers you are going to be going through and you can him or her in the eyes and know it is worth it.


Of course the theme of your baby shower will obviously determine the centerpiece for your party, with a diaper cake theme it’s pretty obvious. You are going to have a diaper shaped cake, that is common sense right there. You could have an underwater themed and give out underwater-themed gift baskets. Women love those themed gift baskets, they just give the party such meaning and likely allow for better gifts.


Now think about what you want your theme to be. What is the sex of your baby? Obviously you are not going to have a princess party for a boy, right? If it is a boy ask your husband or boyfriend what he was into as kid, did he like soccer, or was a football kind of guy? If it is a girl ask yourself what you liked as a kid, princesses, unicorns, just think about it.


Now to give your thoughts a bit more focus here’s a list of a few sample themes:
Diaper cake
Farm animal
Mickey Mouse

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