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Three Great Baby Shower Games

You’ve come to the right place for great baby shower game suggestions. Each new baby is a unique personality, so why not make the baby’s first party a one-of-a-kind? One of the best ways to do that is to throw away the typical games played at most showers. Here are several that have fun and laughs written all over them:


  1. Name-the-Baby: This is a fun way to get things off to an enjoyable time. If you have a lot of party-goers, you can break them up into cells for this, or if the attendance is lower, they can work alone. Using the future Mom and Dad’s first names, tell the players to combine parts of their names to come up with a name for their newborn. Remember, this is all about fun. No need to restrict the flow of creativity with too many rules.

    You might ask them to use every letter in either both parent’s names, or you could tell them to select just the letters needed to arrive at a phonetically correct name for the baby. If they’re having fun with it, you can prolong the game by adding middle and/or surnames into the contest. Prizes can be awarded for the best, the funniest, the worst, and the cutest name.

  2. The Baby Bottle: Here’s a game that is certain to make for a lot of laughs at dinner or snack time, and one which rivals some of the games from your college partying days, and you don’t need alcohol to have everyone `busting-a-gut.’ Purchase enough baby bottles to hand out one to each guest. Fill them with a `drinkable’ liquid of your choice.

    The person who can suck their bottle dry first is the winner. This is a lot harder to do than one might imagine. You can do this in a `toast’ manner, with everyone drinking simultaneously, or you can do it one-at-a-time while timing each contestant with a stop watch. You can even have suck-offs, pairing contestants against one another in qualifying elimination contests leading up to the final challenge of the remaining two.

  3. Baby Bingo: Gift-opening time can be embarrassing for the expecting mom, as well as for those giving the gifts. Duplicate gifts are common, as are those that end up being for the wrong gender, if it has not yet been determined which the baby will be. This next game puts an end to the embarrassment and actually capitalizes on it.

    As you are getting ready for the gift opening, distribute square pieces of construction paper (preferably pink or blue) to the guests. Now, prior to unwrapping the presents, ask the party guests to guess what each gift package contains and to write them down, one present for each square of paper they’ve been handed.

    Have them line the squares up like a bingo card, but with the squares numbering the amount of presents that will be opened. As each present is opened, the players may mark each square that indicates a correct guess. This can be done with an X, dinner mint, or whatever else might be available. Party favors can be given for the one to fill a row of squares. But the game can be played until the person who has the most correct answers is determined as well.
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