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Get a Grip on Baby Shower Expenses


Baby showers as low key events with small guest lists are a thing of the past. The modern baby shower is quite often an extravagant affair with many of the extra features one might find at a wedding such as photographers and professional entertainers. With that in mind, a budget is priority and one eye must be kept on expenses at all times to prevent runaway costs! You don’t want to find yourself skimping on important details and turning something pleasant sour.


Etiquette dictates that the cost of the baby shower be covered by the host. Fortunately, since the expense can be large, it is also understood that the shower is considered the host’s gift to the mommy-to-be. Keep her in mind from the very beginning of the planning. She and the pending arrival of her new baby is the reason for the occasion.

Make certain that all ideas and decisions ensure that she has a fabulous time and will be the focus of all festivities. As each idea is contemplated, consider the joy factor it will bring to mommy-to-be. If it significantly enhances the party and the enjoyment of the attendees, keep it and make it a part of the budget. If it is something that will just be overlooked in the grand scheme of things, toss it out!


Sharing duties with a co-host is an excellent way to lessen the financial burden and planning duties. There is no limit on how many can host the shower. However, select your co-host(s) with care. Avoid asking someone who might be having cash-flow problems. The mother-to-be and her partner should never be considered candidates for either hosting or assisting in the financing of the shower.


But don’t let money be your definitive characteristic in selecting a co-host. Be open minded when considering who can best contribute to the party. Many people can be involved by researching games, creating decorations and cooking without spending a dime. Don’t wait until the eleventh hour to do you planning either. By starting early, and being very vocal about your plans, you will be surprised at how people close to the guest of honor will offer to either lend a hand or help out with costs.


Once the budget has been determined, and the host(s) selected, determine the best manner in which to divvy up the work and expense. Does it make more sense to split it evenly with each host organizing and funding her own portion? Or would it better suit everyone to put the total budget into a communal pot beforehand? Details such as these can be just as important as selecting a theme, decorations, food and drink. It would not do for the hosts to be secretly stabbing each other with diaper pins under the table while cake and punch are being served!


The ultimate, and only, rule to planning a successful baby shower is to decide how much you can spend and stick with it!

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