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Jungle Baby Shower Themes


Lions and tigers and bears are not just for the Wizard of Oz anymore! Jungle animals are marvelous when considering a theme for a baby shower. Create a party environment using a variety of jungle beasts or focus on just one. Stick to the standard lion, monkey and giraffe or go exotic by showcasing lemurs, leopards and boas. Is the new arrival a girl? Don’t be daunted by what might seem a boy oriented theme. Throw in some pink flamingos to focus on a feminine color or center on cuddly animals such as koala bears.


When organizing your decorating ideas for a jungle baby shower, coordinate around colors. Shades of green and brown are predominate in the jungle. Pull from this palate for the basics of your decorating schematic. Plates, napkins and plastic ware can be purchased in these colors. The money you will save by avoiding pre-decorated paper products and buying plain color-coordinated instead can be better spent on other aspects of the shower.

Foliage is a primary part of the jungle and so should be a part of your jungle shower as well. Use big leafy house plants such as ferns or topiary trees that are a part of your daily décor. Don’t have a green thumb? Then make trees from supplies readily available at craft stores. Finish off the lush atmosphere by adding stuffed animals. Let the guests participate by having each bring a specified type of animal (you don’t want to end up with thirty monkeys!) or pick them up ahead of time at a discount store.


No one is hungrier than a mommy-to-be so put some thought into the food and center it around the jungle theme as well. Use the timeless pun on monkey bread and animal crackers or build an extravagant centerpiece of fresh jungle fruits. Whip up your own concoction of jungle juice and serve in coconut cups for a refreshing beverage.


Continue with the jungle theme for entertainment. Make a guessing game of how many monkeys are in a jar. Give everyone a quick look at a stuffed leopard and have them write down how many spots they thought it had. Not up for the usual silly games? How about watching a kid classic movie such as The Jungle Book or George of the Jungle? Purchase all game materials new so that baby can have them as gifts after the party. Want sillier than usual games? Find a jungle themed board game and make everyone play. Or play charades using jungle animals.


If you’ve asked your guests to bring stuffed animals for the décor or forced them act like a monkey in front of the group, they deserve a gift as well as the mommy-to-be. Continue with the animal theme by selecting something with an animal print such as socks, headbands or scarves.


A jungle themed baby shower can be a simple or as difficult as you make it. Make it fun and memorable for guests and mommy-to-be.


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