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Invitations For A Perfect Baby Shower


One of the most important aspects of planning your baby shower, your invitations say so much about the event. Without the invitations the party really does not exist! There can be many mishaps when it comes to sending out invitations, but they can be the highlight of the baby shower if chosen thoughtfully and completed correctly.


You want to arrange for your invitations 8 or 9 weeks before the date of your shower. About this time you should have details such as your shower theme, whom you’ll invite and the location worked out. It is very important you purchase matching thank you cards at this time as well (a thoughtful present, you may even send along pre-addressed envelopes, to the mother-to-be!) this makes for a running theme.

Invitations also set the theme of the shower. The recipients will get a feel for the expectant mothers’ taste, be informed about registries and know what and whether or not a meal will be offered at the occasion.


Other perfectly acceptable ways to inform your guests about your upcoming celebration exist as well. You may telephone to invite, but this is often not a time effective system, as it requires waiting on return calls. Emails and e-cards are wonderful and great for the environment. Make sure, however, you include a request for RSVP.


Another way to notify guests is to make your own baby shower invitations. Nothing could be more personal and original. A great way to make this process more enjoyable is to choose hand stamped cards. There are kits available complete with accessories and pre-folded cards for convenience. You must be warned, however, this may become addictive!


Yet another available choice is the pre-made invitation purchased online or in a store. You can custom order them or purchase blank inside and fill the details in yourself. You may be able to find just what your looking for this way. There are even companies that offer cards that appear handmade. Whatever method you choose, make sure you have your invitations in the mail at least six weeks before the shower.


Here is a checklist for your review so your invitations will be complete:

  1. Date and time as well as location (directions or printed map) phone number and possible email. Include information about gift registries, whether or not a guest can be accompanied, if the shower is for women only, and what if anything should be brought. Details about food being offered should be included as well.
  2. Directions-include detailed instructions and a cell phone number for emergency contact in case guest gets lost. A printed map might be most effective.
  3. The RSVP is a must! Make sure you have included a telephone number where you can be reached. An email might be included as well.

In closing, invitations can be a wonderful way to get your baby shower started. You can also look up our recommended printed invitations and our guest list advice as well. You may also do a Google search for "shower invitations" for more assistance.

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