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Homemade Baby Shower Favors To Delight Your Guests


If you are hosting a baby shower for a friend or family member, you can be sure that she is already very appreciative of the enormous task you are undertaking. The act of taking on invitations, guests, reunion space, decorations, food, and activities, is already an act of love. But, you can make your contribution to the mom-to-be’s new life even more thoughtful and memorable by making homemade baby shower favors. If you decide on this option, you can, and should, scour craft stores and talk to friends to get ideas – but we have a few for you right here.

First, whether homemade or store-bought, favors should look as attractive as possible. Whether you have made candy, baked cookies mixed your own lotion, personalized some toys, or woven your own potholders, make the presentation of these items as cute and fun as possible. You may want to purchase ribbons, scissors, a hole-puncher, sparkles, stickers, favor bags, etc. Try to give both the gift itself, and its wrapping, a special, personalized touch.

Besides the ideas mentioned above – sweet treats, toys, or knitted goods – another creative and extremely useful idea is to include a beautifully-written card with the mom-to-be’s or your own favorite recipe. If you like, you can even make a whole booklet. Of course, these recipes should be family-friendly – ingredients that are not too costly, instructions that are not too complicated, and an overall short preparation time. This kind of homemade baby shower favor will be a hit with both the new mom and your guests.

Another creative and unusual favor is homemade bookmarks. You can use any number of materials and designs, from delicate and pastel to bold and striped. Alternatively, you can choose colors and patterns which complement the theme of your party, and even print the names of the soon-to-arrive baby and parents, the date of the event, and a little saying. This is also a fun favor if children are going to participate in the festivities – you can choose animal prints or other entertaining images.

For the winners of games, consider making up “certificates of achievement,” using your word processor’s templates. Replace the background or other images with baby-themed clipart, and change the wording to reflect the game that was played. You can make these sweet, silly, or humorous. Be sure to take photos when you award these certificates, shaking hands with the recipient. Again, if there are going to be children present at the shower, and you have planned kids-only games (highly recommended), these make nice little prizes for them to take home.

A homemade baby shower favor, whatever it is, should reflect the love and esteem you have for the mom-to-be. Think about what you already do well - whether it is baking, knitting, painting, or just working on the computer – and you will easily come up with creative and special ideas to make your shower a success.

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