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The formal celebration of the expected birth of a child is expressed by many different cultures, and religions around the world. Many showers main focus is gift-giving to the expecting mother. Showers often have themes. Some are extravagantly decorated. Others may be centered on silly games. Usually food and fun are plentiful. But, in their simplest form, baby showers are a reason for family and friends to rejoice over the upcoming birth of a child.


As long as you follow the maxim “showers are all about the mother-to-be”, feel free to be creative with your shower. Include original ideas that focus on fun for the guests. Don’t worry about observing all of the traditions associated with baby showers some well thought out activities or spontaneous creativity on your part, may turn your shower into a special memory for all involved.

Nowadays it is perfectly acceptable for co-workers, friends of friend, and similar acquaintances to throw a shower. People get together to have fun, a shower should be no exception. However, the loose construction of a guest list may create awkwardness between those that have not met. Showers should have a designated Host or Hostess, whose main purpose should be to make all the guests have a great time. This person should be responsible for introducing newly arrived guests to those already there.


Try and contain the shower to a large central hall or room. Have the hostess present each guest with a name tag, and a party favor. New guests can quickly move though the room to greet those they don’t know. All new arrivals should be presented right away, with a choice of beverages and/or light snacks. The mood should be loose and festive from the start.


Have the “mother-to-be” seated with her most intimate family members in an area that can be seen from all points of the room. Have all games and activities ready for the first guests, games can be great ice breakers for those who are unfamiliar. Have a location where guests are free to serve themselves cakes, cookies, candies, etc. This will force strangers to mingle while getting refreshments. Conversation over cookies and cakes is generally easy for everyone. The hostess should be working the room the entire time to make sure things continue seamlessly.


Decorations can be items associated with babies. Try items such as bottles, bibs and pacifiers. If the expecting mother knows the sex of her child you can decorate in pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Games can also follow a similar theme. Watch the guests as they mingle, and expand the activities that seem to create the most fun. There are countless ideas for games that can be gotten from friends who have attended showers in the past.


Guests feel appreciated when they can leave a shower with something for themselves. Provide access to all the pictures taken, or give guests simple door prizes that commemorate the event. Guests having a genuinely good time will often be the longest lasting, and most pleasurable memories for the mother-to-be.

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