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Ideas for Guest Gifts and Baby Shower Favors


Finding gifts for your guests is a fun and essential part of planning for a baby shower, but it can be hard to figure out where to start. Every party is different, but some factors, like party theme and cost and where to buy the needed items, are important for every shower planner to consider.


Shower favors and prizes should match the tone of the party. Therefore, themed showers should have some theme-based prizes and trinkets to be given away. This not only lets your shower guests and honoree know you’ve put thought into the event, it also ensures that the shower runs smoothly by keeping the purpose of the function in mind. Prizes and other small items in a variety of shower-related themes are generally easy to find, and using items that are sweet but simple, like small stuffed animals, can make shopping easy on the planner and the wallet. An easy way to stick to your theme is to package small, unthemed items in themed bags.

Budgeting is essential to planning a good party. Over-spending can put a damper on the fun, at least for the person who is doing the spending. If gifts and prizes add up to $20 per guest, it’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on favors alone. But it’s easy to create cost-effective gift bags, and they can even be in keeping with your theme. Everyone, new mother or not, can enjoy a little pampering, so gathering together small items like lotion, soaps and other bath items into a gift bag can work very nicely.


These kinds of items can often be purchased in bulk and then parceled out one piece at a time into individual bags. Adding or substituting other small items, like candy, bubbles or even a printout of the new mother’s baby sonogram can change the theme of the gifts or add a personal touch. Personal thank-you notes, poems about children and mothers and other thoughtful but very cost-effective items can also be used to create a well-planned but inexpensive guest favor bag.


For some, watching expenses isn’t necessary. In that case, other, more involved options for favors open up. Gift cards can be a lovely way to thank guests for their time. One “adult” gift idea would be to include a note with the gift cards encouraging them to buy lingerie, luxurious body wash, candles and other “baby making” supplies. Or, if your shower is mostly mothers with young children, include a note indicating that the card is to be used for “Mommy only” purchases, like comfy pajamas, fuzzy house slippers and a good book.


Since many baby showers have exclusively female guests, this is a good way to start a dialogue about the trials and joys of being mothers or the possibility of having additional children in the future. It’s also a cute way to make all the guests feel included in the joy of the honoree’s pregnancy.


While it’s nice to consider what your guests like or don’t like when buying gifts, it is key to focus on the shower honoree. Buying favors that are reflective of her tastes, or even your own, can make the gifts into cherished mementos. If the shower is not a surprise, asking the mother-to-be about her thoughts on favors can make her feel extra-special and involved.


If it’s a surprise party, try to think like the honoree, or ask her sisters, mother or other close friends for advice. There’s no need to limit yourself to one gift-bag plan, however. An assortment of options – different scents, colors, and flavors of items within the bags, or even a variety of similar but different favors – can make things a little more interesting for everyone.


Finding favors for a baby shower should be fairly simple, though unusual themes may require a little bit more searching. Many towns have stores that specialize in party supplies, and bookstores, gift shops and card stores often carry a small variety of favor-type items. Dollar stores can be a great place to find small, inexpensive and cute items to place in bags or even to stand alone as gifts. Making gifts can also be fun, but it can take an unexpected chunk out of your wallet, so plan and shop around before deciding to go that route. Online stores are one of the best options for purchasing party supplies, as almost anything you can think of can be found somewhere.

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