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Try to Guess What’s Inside the Jar!


One of the easiest baby shower games to play is “Guess what’s inside the Jar.” Want to know why? Well...it is a game full of fun, it’s cheap, and… there is nothing like seeing the faces of grown adults after smelling baby food. So… let’s play!


Before we play the game, the first thing we need to do is buy the food, so let’s take a trip to the grocery store. Once you arrive to the grocery store, you will need to purchase six jars of baby food and four jars of baby juice. The variety of foods that are normally chosen are applesauce, peaches, peas, green beans, bananas and pears, but if you’re feel like switching these, be our guest. The same thing applies to the juices that you pick. The normal variety of juices are apple juice, orange juice, prune juice, and pear juice, but again, if you feel like doing something different, go ahead and switch them up!

Once you have purchased all your juices and baby foods, the first thing you need to do is label the top of each jar when a number one thru ten. Once you have labeled each of the jars, tear off the store labels and write the corresponding number on the inside of each. Place the labels inside of an envelope.


Now, it’s time to play the game. Pass each jar around to each guest. They must guess what it is they are holding by looking at the food’s color and texture. (They can smell it, it they’d like.) This is the most hilarious part of the game, so pay close attention!!! You would expect for parents with small children to know these, but you will be surprised at how many they miss. Watch out for that mom who eats her child’s baby food though, she may be your winner!


One each guest has had the time to look at each jar and make their guess, it is time to reveal the results. Take the labels out of the envelope and reveal each food and juices’ true identity. Take a pause for small chatter after each item is revealed. Once you have revealed all of the food, you will need to find the person who got the most correct answers. This is the winner of your game.


After the game, the guest will want to converse about how they came to their answers, and this is good. This gives the host time to clean up. Don’t worry about immediately gaining control over the baby shower. Relax and give yourself time to take a breather. You may also find some laughter in listening to some of the guest responses.


One of the best things about this game is that after it’s over, you can tape the labels back on the food jars and give the new mom or dad. There’s no doubt that they will be grateful. There you have it, quick, fun, easy, and economical!

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