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Guess the Goo: A Gooey Baby Shower Game


Looking for a fun game for your upcoming baby shower? Some of the most fun, most memorable games are the ones that go along with the whole baby theme. In other words, it's a great idea to have baby-related games at the party. One game that many women have found especially fun and memorable involves baby jars and baby food. It's a great game for your baby shower called "Guess the Goo."


What You'll Need to Prepare

  • Buy six types of baby food and four types of juice. We're not concerned about the quality here, so get the cheapest possible to spare your budget too much pain.
  • Get tape or stickers. Tape will work, but colorful stickers are a lot more fun.
  • Find a utility knife (to cut off labels)
  • Get or buy a magic marker.
  • Finally, you need a magic marker.

Preparing for the Party

  • Put the numbers 1 through 10 on the tape or stickers and affix one to each lid of the baby food jars.
  • Carefully take off the labels (don't want to give anything away just yet.), and put the corresponding number on the lid onto the back of the label.
  • Now store the labels inside the envelope.


Playing at the Party

  • Now you're ready to start the actual game itself. Have each shower guest, on a piece of paper, guess and write down what kind of food or juice she believes is in each container. Give them just enough time for their guesses; don't give them enough time to drag the party down and make the game boring.
  • Once everyone has made their predictions, take the labels from the envelope and read them to all of the guests.
  • Whomever has the most answers correct, wins! You should have a simple, inexpensive prize to award to the winner.


REMEMBER! The baby food should still be unopened and perfectly good - re-affix the labels and give them to mommy; baby is probably hungry after a long day of the shower!


A suggestion: If you want to throw a "trick question" into the game, consider having one container that doesn't have baby food at all: tuna fish or pork-and beans or some other adult food.


Here's still one other variation: You might consider calling out the jar contents one at a time and have the guests raise their hands as you point at each jar and ask them if they think that jar contains the product you called out.

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