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A Nice Variety of Baby Shower Games


It’s a given that baby showers are parties for the new baby receives gifts. Many times, the games are tailored to an all-women’s audience. Below are some party ideas to make everyone fit in with games that are fun and silly as well as games that help guests empathize with the mom-to-be.


Let the games begin!


Just for fun


You can kick off the games with a bottle ring toss that’s similar to horseshoes. First, gather bottle nipples and set them up in container of water. (A baby tub would be good for this). Have guests toss plastic rings to the nipples from a distance to see if they get them around.

Another game is Baby Hot Potato which similar to the classic Hot Potato; however, instead of using a potato, use a doll or child toy. Set the timer and pass the toy around. The person holding it when the timer goes off is “out”. This continues until all but one guest is left.


While we’re playing classic games, another group favourite is “Baby Song Musical Chairs”. Make sure you have one chair less than participants (for example, if you have 10 people, have 9 chairs). Have guests walk around the chairs while you play baby music. Stop the music abruptly and have guests scramble for a chair. The one standing is “out”. Continue until all but one guest is left.


Continue the guest scrambling by playing the “Balloon Popping Game”. Start by writing actions on small pieces of paper (such as eat a jar of baby food, drink soda from a bottle, etc.). Insert a paper inside each balloon. Now have your guests pop the balloons by sitting on them. The first to complete the task on paper wins.


You can slow down the pace by playing pin the diaper on the baby. Use a large poster board and a marker to draw a large picture of a baby. On separate pieces of paper, draw and cut out a picture of a diaper, bottle, pacifier, bonnet, or rattle using double sided tape on the back. Blindfold guests and have them try to stick the diaper on the baby’s bottom. The person closest to the intended target (bottle/mouth, rattle/– hand) wins. A variation of this is pin the diaper on the baby boy where the blindfolded person is squirted with a water gun to prepare for the “surprises” of changing a boy.


Creative Games and Activities


Tap into your guests’ creativity with crafts. You can have them put together a scrapbook, decorate t-shirts and onesies using puff paint, and carve a baby (or baby items) from a bar of soap. Guests can also make a “Watermelon Baby” by dressing up a melon using markers and other materials. You can hold a pageant to pick the cutest baby.


For sentimental activities, you can also have guests bring one item from home to add to the baby’s time capsule. Guests may also help plant a tree that will grow along with the new baby.


As a special treat for mom, allow guests to make a belly cast and have them decorate it.
A fun game for children guests is the “Teddy Bear Kiss” where first, a bear is passed around for all to kiss. Then, the children go up the mom-to-be and kiss her in the same place.


Two other great group games are charades and Pictionary. You can use baby items or actions (changing baby, first visit to doctor, etc.). Break off in teams and see which gathers the most points from guessing correctly.


Take the party outdoors by playing “Don’t Drop the Baby”. Start by filling up water balloons and have each guest pick a partner. Give each couple three water balloons have them take turns tossing the balloons back and forth without dropping them. The prize goes to the couple who goes the longest without dropping all their babies. Another game while we’re still playing with water is called “My Water Broke”. This is playing by having guests transfer a water balloon to another guest without using their hands. This can get very creative! You can also play “Pass the Bottle” using the same motif.


Another addition to the handless games are “Pass the Pacifier” where guests pass the pacifier to other guests while holding a pen or pencil in their mouths. By dropping the pacifier, guests are eliminated until only one guest is left.


More Competition Games


Go diaper- stacking by having guests see who can stack the highest without having them topple over.


Fill bottles with soda and have a “drinking contest” where the winner is the first to finish.


Bob for pacifiers and make it more interesting by putting the pacifiers in pudding or oatmeal.


Hide safety pins in a bowl of dry rice, blindfold guests, and have them pick out as many pins as possible.


Go bottle bowling by setting up 10 baby bobbled triangularly in the hallway. Use a tennis ball to knock the bottles over and keep score like a bowling game.


Empathizing with Mom Physically


You can do this by have your guests be the mom– physically.


First, have your guests stuff their shirts with balloons (not blowing them up too much so more can fit inside their shirts). After they feel adequate silly in their new ill-fitting clothing, have a pregnant belly race around the yard. The one who crosses the finish line first without letting his or her balloons fall out is the winner.


Empathizing with Mom’s Job


Have a day in the life of mom by challenging guests to complete chores like change the baby, fold laundry, watch dishes, etc. Have other guests shout out distractions (“phone’s ringing”, “dinner’s burning”) Time the guests to see who completes their challenges the quickest.


Play the hilarious game “Feed the Baby”. Break off in couples and have one guest feed the other “baby” a jar of baby food with a small spoon. The group who finishes first, wins! Bring a camera – this is definitely a Kodak moment.


Mimic mom’s daily rush for errands by having guests pack their diaper bag the quickest with a specified list of baby items. Time guests on who can finish diaper changing a doll the quickest while blindfolded.
Send guests on a scavenger hunt around the house for a list of baby items while timed.


Have fun with the father-to-be while letting others dress, feed, and burp him as though he were the baby.


With these game ideas, now your baby shower can be fun for everyone by allowing a co-ed group to have fun in a comfortable atmosphere.

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