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Have a Safari at Your Baby Shower


If you want to do something unique and memorable for the baby shower that you're planning, how about this: Go on safari.

No, not a literal safari, but instead, host a baby shower with a safari theme. A safari theme is easy to implement, it's colorful and memorable, and is especially great i you know that the parents-to-be happen to be animal lovers. Here's how to create the safari-shower.

Your first step is to find or create invitation cards with a safari theme. Sometimes you'll be able to find professionally created invitations that have jungle animals on them. However, if necessary, or if you prefer, you could always print your own. Just find some jungle-oriented clip art and drop them into the cards before you print them and you'll be on your way. Invitation templates are readily available online, and work with programs such as Microsoft Word, Adobe In Design, or Microsoft Publisher.

Your cards should include jungle animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, etc. If possible, try to find an animal wearing a diaper. use wording such as, "You're invited to a celebration of the birth of the King or Queen of the Jungle." If you want, you can also suggest that the guests arrive in safari gear.


You'll continue the safari theme with the party decorations. To do this, you can use table cloths that have pictures of jungle animals. also, place some indoor plants in the corners that look like jungle trees.

Decorate these with artificial fines. Also, find some small toy monkeys to hang from the branches. You can also place plastic toy animals all around the room. You might also ask guests to bring a stuffed animal with them. These you can place in the middle of the tables. Distribute other safari supplies too, like binoculars, compasses, safari hats, etc., placed on the tables.

You'll of course want to make your games and party favors pertain to the safari theme. Some favor ideas might be animal-shaped soaps or stuffed animals. Animal crackers are also good. Games such as "Name the Baby Animal" or a scavenger hunt also are great for this kind of shower.


It's not quite a game, but if you wanted to give the guests a half hour break doing something related to the theme, there are probably hundreds of short animated jungle stories that you could show on video. Along those lines, jungle sounds are in order, played on your music player.

And finally, you can even find words to make your food pertain to the safari theme. Serve tropical punches, venison sandwiches, animal-shaped cookies, and maybe even a cake with jungle decorations in icing on top. Banana treats are also appropriate. For instance, you might offer banana splits, banana chips, or for a refreshing drink, a banana smoothie. Pina coladas are other good drinks you could offer (non-alcoholic, if you prefer).

A safari shower might not be for everyone. But it's perfect for the adventurous soul, as well as those who just want to do something a little bit different.

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