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Be Creative With Your Baby Shower


Why make your baby shower like everyone else's? By using a little creativity in every detail of your party, you can make this shower totally unique, and one which the guests will always remember. For instance. .


1) Be creative in where you hold the shower. It doesn't always have to be at the organizer's home. Choose a spot such as a restaurant or a skating rink, or even outside in a large garden somewhere.


2) Be creative with a theme. First of all, the very fact that you're using a theme sets your baby shower apart from other showers that just "wing it." There are lots of good theme ideas you could incorporate. Some possibilities would be sports baby showers, diaper baby showers, animal monkey showers, tea parties, or diaper baby showers. Decide on the theme based on the interests of your guest of honor as well as her friends who will be attending. Sometimes, this theme might differ based on whether the couple is expecting a boy or girl. Your theme should be reflected in the invitations, decorations, food, and entertainment.

3) Be creative with the invitations. This will be the first impression that your guests receive of the shower. Ultimately, it will help determine who will show up and who will not. Make sure that your showers reflect the theme and personality of the event. Also make sure that they tell all of the important information: the time and location of the shower, whether the guests should bring something, and if they need to RSVP. Nothing too serious on the invitations, please! Keep them fun and lighthearted.


4) Be creative with the games. These are one of the most important aspects of the baby shower. In many cases, they are what the guests will remember when the night is finished. So make them fun, simple games that involve everyone. Include small prizes for the winners of each game.


5) Be creative with the menu. Don't serve the same old appetizers and punch. Instead, make your refreshments coordinate with the shower theme. If the baby is expected to be a girl, make pink punch; if a boy, make it some more "manly" color, such as blue. Include lots of finger foods, including a few dessert type items. Maybe you can include a cake shaped as something that matches the theme.


6) Be creative with shower favors. Baby shower favors are small little mementos, usually placed at each guest's table, for the guests to take home with them. You can either buy these in bulk or make them yourself at home. Some creative ideas might be items such as wrapped cookies, wrapped candies, candles, scented soaps, coffee mugs, perfume samples, gourmet coffee samples, etc.


If you ever get stumped for ideas for the creative shower, organize a "shower team," which could be you and just two other people. Then plan a brainstorming session, so that working together, you can come up with some truly unique ideas for themes, games, food, decorations, and food.

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