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Baby showers can be a fun-filled time of laughs, love, and anticipation for the new baby. Throwing in a few games can also boost the excitement at any baby shower. There are countless baby-related games that can be played, even on the smallest budget. Let your imagination run wild as you prepare for your baby shower, but if you are having trouble getting started here are a few ideas to get you going. Also, take a look at the many game suggestions available online, at party stores, and in baby magazines.

Here’s a fun idea that will not only bring some fun to the shower but will also profit the new baby. Have guests pull out any extra change they have in their pockets and go around the room, taking turns saying something you have not done in your life. Examples include staying up all night, mooning someone, or sneaking out of the house as a youngster. Anyone that has actually done the aforementioned deed is required to put some change in the piggy bank. After everyone has mentioned their “I’ve never,” present the piggy bank to the new mother to give to the new arrival.

This idea takes some planning ahead of time but is well worth it! Have someone that the expectant mother does not know to arrive late to the festivities. Tell this person to wear strange clothes and bring in a large bag. When the mystery guest arrives, pretend like you are angry at them for arriving late and disrupting the party. Make a big deal about it, asking them if they are even supposed to be there, and demand to see their invitation.

Have the mystery shower guest sit down on the floor in the middle of the party and begin unpacking baby supplies, such as diapers, baby wipes, etc., out of the bag and placing them on the floor. The guest should then pull an invitation out of the bottom of the bag to prove they were invited. Allow them to stay and ask them to pick up the baby items from the floor. As soon as all of the items are back in the bag, pass paper and a pen to each guest and have them write down each item that is in the bag. Give a prize to the person who has written down the most items. As an added bonus, let the mother-to-be keep all the baby items brought in by the mystery guest!


Here’s an idea that is sure to present a few Kodak moments! Buy a variety of chocolate bars and a bag of diapers. Unwrap each candy bar, melt part of it and pour it into a diaper. Place each candy bar wrapper in a numbered envelope and also number each diaper containing the corresponding melted candy bar. Tell each guest to examine each diaper and write down what type of candy bar they think is in each one. For added fun, let them take a whiff of the “soiled” diaper. Keep the camera ready in this game as it promises to provide some good diaper-smelling photos!


Attach several small clothespins on the shirt collar of each guest as he or she arrives to the party. Inform them that the word “baby” is not allowed and if anyone catches them saying it, they will lose one of their clothespins. As an incentive, whoever catches another person saying “baby,” gets to attach the clothespin to their own collar. At the end of the shower award a prize to the contestant with the most clothespins.


These are just a few helpful ideas for baby shower games. Remember, you are only limited by your own creativity, or lack thereof, so think outside the box and have some fun!

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