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So here's the situation: You've accepted the task of planning a friend's baby shower. But you're worried that it's going to be lame, because you just can't think of the elements that make for a truly fun baby shower. You've got ideas for decorations and food, but what about the "fun" factor?


That fun factor comes through good games. Usually, the most fun games are those which are easy to implement. Here are six that are easy to do and that will have all of your guests laughing and wanting more.

1. BABY MATCH: Before the day of the shower, ask guests to bring a baby picture of her or himself. During the game, hold up each picture one at a time, and see if guests can figure out which picture goes with each person. The guest who guesses the most correctly wins.

2. BABY NAME GUESS: Ask the guests to guess the 10 most common boy and girl baby names. You can find these out by doing a search online for "popular baby names." The person who guesses the most correctly wins.

3. BLINDFOLD DIAPER RACE: This one is always fun and exciting. You'll need a pair of dolls, diapers and blindfolds. Have guests compete, two at a time, to see who can be first at diapering their doll. The winner gets a small prize.

4. MOMMY / DADDY TRIVIA. Compile a list of trivia questions about the mom and dad-to-be (such as their first words, the day of week they were born, their weight at birth, etc.). The guest who does the best at answering questions wins a small prize.

5. WHAT'S IN THE DIAPER? This sounds disgusting, but is actually really fun. Smash or melt different types of chocolate candy into several diapers. For instance, you could melt M&Ms in one, Snickers in one, Mounds in one, and so on. Pass around the diapers and have the guests examine and smell the contents, and then try to guess which kind of candy each one is. They write down their guessesm and the one who guesses the most wins a prize.

6. PEAS IN THE POD. This one requires a little set-up. You'll need to get some green felt, paper towels, green ribbon, safety pins, and three fabric balls. Cut the fabric into 3 by 4 inch strips. Place three "peas" (actually three green fabric balls( close to the center of a fabric strip, and roll your fabric so it looks like a Tootsie Roll. Tie both ends with the ribbon.

Make the non-winning pods the same shape and the same consistency as the winning one, but stuffing it with paper towels rather than the fabric pees. When guests arrive, attach a "pod" to each guest with a safety pin. At the end of the evening, those with peas in their pod win a door prize.

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