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Fun and Creative Baby Shower Themes


Planning a baby shower can be a blast. You should know, though, that it's not quite as simple as getting some food and a few decorations, and then sending out invitations. The best baby showers have a theme. This theme guides those decisions as well as the games and activities that will take place. Building the shower on a theme is a good way of making the whole event seem unified.

A baby shower theme can be simple or it can be detailed, according to your own wishes. Keep in mind, though, that the likes and dislikes of the guests are important. Most important of all, though, are the likes and dislikes of the guest of honor.

One simple baby shower theme that works well is that of baby bottles. You could use shower invitations that are shaped like baby bottles (They're easy to find). It's also easy to find a bakery that will make a bottle-shaped cake. You should incorporate some games that involve the use of baby bottles (For instance, putting some juice or water in bottles and having the guests race to see who can finish hers first. . . or filling a bottle with small candies, such as M&M's or Reese's Pieces and having the guests try to estimate how many are in it; the winner gets to take the bottle and candy with her).

Another good theme idea is that of the baby nursery. You could select invitations that coordinate with the theme, such as teddy bears, and put on the invitation that this is a "nursery shower." Guests should be encouraged to bring gifts that are appropriate for a new nursery, such as blankets, storage solutions, etc. Again, it's easy to have the cake decorated with the nursery theme in mind.

In the 21st century, the co-ed baby shower is becoming more and more common. These can be really memorable events, because not many of your guests will have been at a shower with men before. For this one, invite all guests to come to the party "pregnant," with blankets or pillows up their shirts. This includes the male guests. Use simple decorations and serve traditional refreshments. One decorating idea is to ask guests, before the shower, to send photos of themselves when they were pregnant. If they have one that their husband was in, all the better. At the shower, be sure to take lots of pictures, making copies of all of these for the mom.

Another baby shower theme that will be remembered for years to is that of "A Star is Born." this is also good for a co-ed shower. For this one, serve a cake that is made in the shape of a star. If the parents have already chosen a name, put it on the cake in icing. Decorate the room where you're having the shower like you're decorating for an awards show. It should also be easy to think of games and activities that are modeled after an awards ceremony.

One example is the "Thank You Speech." One guest starts this by thanking someone in her childhood for something. For instance: "I'd like to thank my mom for making my lunch every day." The next person must repeat what the first one said and add something: "I'd like to thank my mom for making my lunch every day and my brother for sharing his blanket with me." The third person must repeat these and add something, and so on, and so on. Any time someone forgets part of it, she is eliminated. The last one who does not forget something wins a prize.

The key with a good theme is a good imagination. Use yours and you'll come up with something unforgettable.

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