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Planning a Memorable Baby Shower

Historically, baby showers have been held two or three months before the due date of the coming baby. These showers were thrown by one of the expectant's mom's closest friends or family members. Guests at these traditional showers were limited to the new mother, both grandmothers, and a small group of female relatives and friends. The location of the shower was typically the home of the person organizing it.

Today, though, tradition is not quite so binding, and there are many more possibilities for organizing and executing the memorable baby shower.

For instance, becoming more and more popular these days are baby showers that involve both the mommy and daddy. Therefore, to make the dad feel more comfortable, male guests are also invited to what is called a co-ed shower. For these new, all-inclusive showers, invitations, decorations and the overall theme must, of course, be appropriate for both the guys and gals. Often, for the co-ed baby shower, a friendly, casual get-together with both new parents is more appropriate than the typical shower. Make sure you have plenty of refreshments on hand and you'll make sure that everyone is happy. One possibility: The baby shower barbecue!

Office baby showers are becoming more common also. The new mom's co-workers will throw this shower right before she begins her maternity leave. Likewise, there are an ever-growing number of office showers for the dad being thrown. An office baby shower is usually quite simple, with perhaps a cake, some drinks, and a short time of gift-giving. While the shower is frequently held in the break room there at work, sometimes they're held at restaurants during after-work hours.

If you're organizing an office shower, make sure that you involve her in choosing the best time for it. This gives her time to register her gift preferences at a popular store so that co-workers can select gifts that the parents and the baby will need.

Regardless of what kind of shower you organize, make sure that your invitations reflect the atmosphere and mood of the shower. It also must, of course, tell the time, date and location for the event. The invitations should be sent out around two or three weeks prior to the shower. This gives them plenty of time to adjust their schedules so that they can plan to be there.

It's often smart to build your baby shower around a theme. This baby shower theme could be anything from a tropical luau to a tea party to a pink stork party. Themes can be unique or traditional; simple or elaborate. A good theme incorporates the choice of invitations, refreshments, games, decorations, and possibly music.

Here are some possible theme ideas you can consider using:

1. Tea Party
2. Hawaii Shower
3. Safari Shower / Zoo Shower
4. Famous Babies
5. Library Building Shower (in which guests are encouraged to bring books for the baby's first library)
6. A famous book (such as Wizard of Oz Shower or Alice in Wonderland Shower)

All of these new, creative ideas will help you put on a shower that all of the guests will long remember.

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