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If you are hosting a baby shower –congratulations! It is one of the most special ways you can show your friend or family member how much you care about her. However, as you’ve probably realized, these celebrations can get quite expensive. You can save money in many ways; one of these is by playing simple games that only require a few basic items. Here are a few free baby shower ideas:

The Clothespin Game: this is a fun and popular game that is played during the entire duration of the shower. As each guest arrives, she receives a clothespin that she should clip to some part of her clothing – it doesn’t really matter where, as long as it is visible. Then, the hostess explains the rules and what you are NOT allowed to do. For example, it might be prohibited to cross one’s legs or to point to someone when you are speaking to them – even to say the word “baby.”

A fun idea is to give everyone “nicknames” (drawn out of a hat – such as “Curly,” “Diaper Master,” or “Pinky”) and make a rule that no “real” names can be used during the entire party. Be creative on deciding on the rules, but try not to make too many; otherwise it takes the focus of the festivities too far off the upcoming arrival. If one guest catches another guest breaking a rule, that guest must give up her clothespin to the one who caught her. At the end of the shower, the guest with the most clothespins is declared the winner.

The Who’s That Baby Game: In your invitation, ask each guest to bring a baby photo of herself (a copy or digital print, as it might get damaged). When each guest arrives, quietly take her photograph and tape it to a piece of cardboard or posterboard, write the name of the person on the back, give it a number on the front, and keep the card out of sight.


Once all your guests have arrived, place all the pictures on a larger board or tack them to a corkboard, and hand out paper and pencils. Each guest must write the number of the photo and which of the guests she believes it to be. Alternatively, you can find photos of celebrities now and when they were children. No matter what you play, the guests will have a great time – and the winner, of course, will receive a small prize.

The TP Game: Pass around a roll or two of toilet paper and ask each guest to tear off some. Don’t tell them what the TP is for – just tell them to take “what they think they’ll need.” Some will take a few squares, others might take several lengths – it’s all in good fun (you might want to have a few extra rolls as backup, though). After each guest has taken their toilet paper, ask the mom-to-be to stand up in the center of the room, and explain that the toilet paper is for her.


You’ll get a lot of strange looks, but then you will demonstrate, taking a length of toilet paper and wrapping it around her tummy! Each guest will try out their length of TP, and the one who gets the closest wins. You can also play this game intentionally, asking your guests to cut a length of blue or pink ribbon, or simple string, in the length they believe matches the mom-to-be’s girth.

As you can see, there are many free baby shower ideas for games that require very little expenditure – and produce a lot of fun! Be creative, and watch as your guests have a fabulous time.

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