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Four Great Themes for Your Baby Shower


Don't just let your friend's newborn baby enter the world without a proper celebration. Plan and host a fun, memorable baby shower for her. A shower is a great time to show your friendship to the mom-to-be and to help her by giving her gifts that will help with the newborn. Usually the shower is organized by one of the new mother's close friends or family members. If you're the one doing the organizing, remember that a great baby shower starts with a creative theme.

Selecting the theme for your shower is simple, but you'll need to be careful with the execution of this theme. The main thing you need to remember is not to drop the theme halfway through your preparations. That is, carry it through so that it touches all aspects of the shower: decorations, invitations, entertainment, and food. Here are a few good theme ideas.

1) The Tea Party Shower. This gives an air of sophistication to your shower, by using some wonderful aromatic teas and perhaps some treats to accompany it, such as cucumber sandwiches or cookies or cheese and crackers. Make sure you offer foods that will be good for the health of the expectant mother. For the tea party theme, use expensive china (including tea cups). Drape several tables with fine tablecloths and instead of paper napkins, use linen ones. Fresh flowers for the tables are also appropriate.

2) Movie Fans Shower. This one is perfect when you know the new mom, and hopefully the guests, are movie lovers. Plan the shower around several classic movies. For decorations, you can incorporate movie posters. You can enhance the theme by playing movie sound tracks, and even serving drinks in those novelty glasses with images fro movies on them. Some people even choose to show a baby-related movie, such as Look Who's Talking or Three Men and a Baby. As prizes for your games, give away DVDs of classic movies.

3) The Fun and Games Shower. This is for those times when you want a baby shower which is totally different from any you've seen before. It'll be great fun for all of your guests, as well as the new mom. The idea is that, rather than incorporating a couple of games into the shower somewhere, the shower is packed with games from start to finish. These might include not only the standard shower type of games, but maybe even a board game that can be finished in less than a half hour's time. It's all games, all the time during this themed baby shower.

4) Fabulous Fifties Baby Shower. One of the most fun decades, even for those who didn't live through them, were the 50s. This baby shower uses decorations and music that evoke the 1950s era. Alternative: Have a 70s Baby Shower, complete with disco music. Have guests dress up in the proper attire, either from the 50s or 70s.

These four themes are different from what any of your friends have likely experienced at previous baby showers. And that's precisely what any of these themes will be memorable to your guests.


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