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Three Very Fast and Simple Baby Shower Games


What if you find yourself hosting a baby shower at the last minute and just don't have time to do something elaborate? In that case, you're going to need some games that you can put together quickly and with little expense or set-up. At the same time, you do want the games to be fun and memorable, though. Here are some tips to help you.


First, make a quick trip out to the dollar store--those "everything is a dollar" places where you can find more than enough prizes for the shower for a $5 bill. Pick up a few token prizes. Everyone who wins one of your games will win one of these prizes.


The best games to offer will depend on the guests who attend. The games should suit the number of guests and their personalities. Try to find out how old the guests will be and how likely they will be to take part in the shower. The best kinds of games are those which have the guests interacting--but only if they're willing to interact.

Here are three games that work well with a wide variety of guest types.

1) The Baby Item Memory Game. All you'll need for this game is a tray of baby items (for example, a rattle, a bottle, a teddy bear, etc.). You should have 20, 30 or even 40 items. Show the tray of items to your guests for 20 seconds. then hide them and have the guests write down everything that they can remember. Whoever remembers the most items wins a prize.


2) The Mother Goose Game. Try to get every guest at the shower to take part in this game; they're guaranteed to have a blast. First, find a large variety of nursery rhyme lines. You as host read the lines to everyone, but leave out one word. The shower guests take a turn at guessing the word that is missing. Whoever names the correct missing word the most times wins a small prize.


3) The Fun Facts Game. Unlike the first two, this one only works well if the guests all know each other, at least marginally. As the guests arrive, ask each one to write a fact about themselves that most people don't know. It could be their first car, a hidden talent, a first job--anything. Then have them drop the paper into a bag. During the game, each person picks someone else's paper and tries to guess who it is.


There are two alternate ways to play this. If you want to use it as an ice-breaker, have the guests move around the room and ask each other if that fact applies to them: "Are you the one who has 100 Barbie dolls?" The second alternate version is for the host to read the fun facts and have people shout out their guesses.


These are just a few easy games that you can try for your shower. They require little advance preparation by you, and everyone will have a good time with them.


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