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Some Interesting Bottle Games, Diaper Games, and More


There are many stressful aspects of having a baby, but the baby shower should not be one of them. Here are a few ideas to help splash some fun into your baby shower!


Grab a few baby bottles to play one of these competitive games.


Bowling for Bottles- Place 10 bottles in a triangular bowling pin formation, grab a soft, small ball, such as a tennis ball (you don’t want anyone breaking all the new baby gifts!), and take turns trying to knock down all the bottles! Regular bowling rules apply.


Ring in the Tub- If bowling for bottles didn’t quench your competitive spirit, try taking off the rings around the nipples of the bottles, set up a baby bathtub, or some other small container, a few yards away and allow contestants to toss the rings into the container. Award points depending on how far away from the container the contestant is standing.

Bottle Bonanza- Here’s another fast-paced game that is sure to bring some laughs. Divide guests into equally numbered teams and give each team a bottle. Have the first person in line for each team place the bottle under their chin, and pass it down the line without using their hands. If the bottle touches a hand or drops to the floor send it back to the front of the line. The team that successfully passes the bottle all the way down the line is the winner!


Bottle Chugging- Fill up several baby bottles with the beverage of your choice and see who can chug it the quickest.


Have a few extra diapers lying around? Put them to good use with these exciting party additions.


Diaper the Baby- Draw a big baby on a posterboard and hang on the wall with thumbtacks. Also, on a piece of paper, draw a diaper and cut it out, attaching double sided tape to the back. Place a blindfold on the first contestant, spin them around a few times, and let them try to stick the diaper on the bottom of the baby! Hilarity ensues as the contestant stumbles around trying to find the baby.


Diaper Skyscraper- Make sure to have a bountiful stack of diapers and have contestants try to build a “diaper skyscraper” by stacking diapers as high as they can without them falling over.


Diaper, Diaper- Blindfold guests and see who can put a diaper on a baby in the shortest amount of time. Better use a doll for this one!


A new mother has lots of responsibilities. Have your guests play the role of mommy in these baby shower activities.


The Belly Bulge- Have contestants try to fit as many balloons as they can inside their shirt, then go outside and have a short footrace. The first one to cross the finish line without losing any balloons wins the honorary mother award!


Distractions- Make a list of challenges facing the new mother, such as folding laundry or changing a diaper. As the contestant begins to complete the list, have the other guests yell distractions, like the doorbell is ringing or the bath water is overflowing, at the “mother.” The guest who completes the list of challenges the quickest is the winner!


Feeding Frenzy- This one is especially suitable for a couples shower. Have one person be “a baby” while their partner is “the mom.” Give each duo an unopened jar of baby food, and a small spoon. See who can feed the entire jar to their partner first!


Bag Packing- See who can properly pack essential baby items into a diaper bag. Award points for each item in the bag.


Kiss the Baby- This game is sure to bring a few laughs. Pass around a baby doll and have each guest give it a smooch. After it has made its way around the room, have each guest kiss the new mother in the same place they kissed baby doll.

Babies shouldn’t be the only ones to have fun with a pacifier, try these ideas for some surefire pacifier fun!


Pacifier Pass- Pass around a pen or pencil to each guest and have them put it in their mouth. Put a pacifier on the end of the first person’s pencil and tell him or her to pass it to the next person in line. Try to pass the pacifier all the way around the room without it falling.


Paci- Bobbing- Fill a baby bathtub or other container with water. Toss a few pacifiers into the water have guests attempt to bob out as many as they possibly can without using their hands.

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