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Baby Shower Host Tips


With all of the planning and anticipation that comes along with a newborn there’s one thing you don’t want to miss out on… the baby shower! And believe it or not, being a good host doesn't mean rushing around in a panic. In fact, in many ways, it means taking it slow and easy. Allow yourself plenty of time.


No one is going to show up if they’re not invited are they? That’s fairly obvious. It’s hard to know what to do for the baby invitations though if no one tells you. So we’re here to fill you in. Planning is the key. Slow and easy, remember? This means be sure to plan well ahead of time, like 8 to 9 weeks ahead of time. A lot of things can go wrong, misprints, misspellings, the wrong address, did you forget someone? The list goes on and on about what could go wrong. So plan ahead! We’re here to alleviate the stress though, not to scare you into a tizzy. This should be fun and we’ll make it fun.

Okay, so make a list and check it twice. Include everyone you want to invite and when you’re ready to make the invitations have some extras because you’re bound to miss someone. Before the invitations are even made, plan what the theme is going to be. Every shower should have a theme and your guests will need to know if it’s going to be a formal occasion, pajama party, or just a casual giggle fest. At the same time you are getting your invitations together, be sure to get the thank you cards. That way you can be sure they match. If you wait until after the shower is over to get the thank you cards, then the vendor may run out of the ones you wanted, then you’re stuck with something you might not be too happy with.


While paper invitations are the best way to invite guests, there are also several other options. The phone, but that can be time consuming and hard to keep track of the RSVP’s, and what if you missed a call! You don’t want that. E-mail is another choice gaining popularity. With e-cards you know the vendor is never going to run out, and they have tons of options that will fit your baby shower. It’s always nice though to have an actual card to remember special events. Finally, who says you have to buy invitations and thank you cards? You can make them yourself! Hand stamped cards may be just what you need, and with so many companies out there specializing in just this sort of thing, you’re bound to find something that fits your occasion perfectly.


Now with time to spare you’re ready to send out those invitations. Remember to give your guests about six weeks warning so they’ll have plenty of time to RSVP, and so you’ll know ahead of time who is showing up. Just stuff the envelopes, address them, and mail them out. What could be easier than that? Wait, I know! A list of everything you’ll want to include in the invitations, spelled out for you in black and white. Kind of like a checklist:

  1. Invitation: More important than the theme or even what kind of invitation it is, you’ll need

  2. 1. Date
    2. Time
    3. Location with directions
    4. Telephone number
    5. Email
    6. Gift registries
    7. Theme
    8. Whether it’s women only, or for couples
    9. And proper postage!

  3. RSVP: Give options. Include a phone number, an email, and if you would like the RSVP mailed back to you, include an addressed and stamped envelope.
  4. Directions: Did we mention directions? Every guest needs these. Try to include a map if you can, and a phone number incase they get lost along the way.
  5. Well I hope that was helpful! Have a wonderful baby shower, and come back to us for all your baby needs!
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