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Baby Shower Tableware How To Choose The Best!


As you plan your shower, and all the food, gifts, and decorations, you may have not considered the importance of baby shower tableware to making your celebration a “complete” package. Yes, you could just get some disposable, white plates and napkins and silverware. But if you’re making the effort to pull together a very special event – why not give tableware that same attention?

First and foremost is a careful consideration of the theme and tone of your party. Is it a formal event in a restaurant? An outdoor picnic? In someone’s home? Of course, if the event has a formal tone to it, you are going to want to use real tablecloths and napkins. These can be acquired from a rental agency. In most other cases, a disposable tablecloth is a fine option – if you take the time to find a quality one. Unlike years past, disposable tablecloths are now made in a variety of grades and styles – you should be able to find one that perfectly matches your theme.

The same goes for paper napkins – you can choose smaller ones if you’re simply serving cake and coffee, but try to choose ones in vibrant colors or patterns. A note on napkin rings, whether you have chosen cloth or paper napkins: instead of renting or purchasing “real” ones, you can use any rattle or other baby toy that has a loop or ring somewhere on it, which will be a real delight for your guests when they sit down.

And, of course, when considering plates, stemware, and silverware, if you choose disposable, be sure to find sturdy, quality products – and make them consistent with your other choices. It would be strange to sit down to a table set with a real plate, plastic fork, cloth napkin, and disposable cup.

All of these choices – tablecloth, napkin, plates, stemware, and silverware – should be in keeping, as much as possible, with the theme of your event, especially if you are going with disposable options. If you have a color scheme, choose these items to match. If you have a Winnie the Pooh theme, choose patterned tableware, or at least complementary colors. Together with your carefully-selected centerpieces, your baby shower tableware, whether plastic, or “real,” will truly help set the mood for your event.

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