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Baby Shower Prizes and Favors For Your Guests


Prizes and favors are two essential parts of any baby shower and choosing these items can sometimes make or break the event. There are several factors that you should consider when picking these items.

How closely should I stick to the theme? What are the costs associated? Will the guests enjoy it? Every situation has a different answer to all of these questions, it’s best to start with cost and work your way up from there.


It’s very easy to get carried away with the gifts as far as costs go no matter what your budget is so you should set a per person limit. It’s easier to narrow down what your gifts will be once you have established a cost ceiling (and try not to veer too far from that).

If you are having a theme based party it’s good to have 10-25% of your gifts be part of the theme. It shows forethought in your event planning and it keeps the flow of the party running smoothly. Sometimes you can cut the costs of the items by buying in bulk, ask the manager of the gift store about this, it never hurts to ask. There are many theme based gifts available and sometimes they come packaged together with decorations.


Some gift ideas can also double up as decorations for instance stuffed animals. They can be placed about and then given to lucky participants when the time comes. If stuffed animals are a tad juvenile then how about a gift bag with inexpensive but thoughtful items such as bath beads, salts and lotions. Many of these items can be purchased in bulk and then separated into individual packs for your guests. Other ideas could be figurines, chocolates, bubbles and other items that you can customize with a picture of the sonogram or of the family that you print out on your computer printer and spray mount on the bottles.


If money really isn’t an issue than you can really have some fun by giving out gift cards to restaurants or spa treatments, above all try to be creative in your gift giving. If it’s adult, girls-only shower, get a bit more risqué and include gift certificates for a lingerie store with a card that has directions for a “baby making kit”. Include instructions for lighting candles, having a bath and putting on a sexy camisole.


Having knowledge about your guests is great but not imperative. Try to include gifts that represent the occasion, the expectant mother and the guests. Stay general in your gifts if there will be all ages and both genders involved. If the mother knows about the shower, try to include her on decisions but only a bit, she’s got enough to worry about at this point and it’s really up to you to decide what’s best.


There are answers to all of your questions at every craft and party store. Don’t be afraid to get creative as well as use tried and true methods. Have a wide variety of things to give to your guests and remember what the purpose overall is and that is that everyone has fun.

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