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How Can You Write Entertaining Baby Shower Poems?


Baby shower poems are a sweet and often humorous way to give a special touch to many elements of your baby shower. Not only are they appropriate on the invitations and the thank-you cards, they can also add a very special touch to the cake, be printed on party favors (such as a framed photo), or even made into tiny scrolls given to guests either individually or attached to favors.

Now, you can probably find baby shower poems on the Internet, from parenting books and magazines – even from song lyrics. Especially in the case of song lyrics, which everyone will recognize, you can change a word or two to personalize it for the mom-to-be or her expected baby. Any poem, however, can have a few words substituted or omitted to make it the “right” one for your shower.

However, if you want to get creative and write your own baby shower poem, here are some ideas for pulling it off. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write these kinds of poems, or even have any special writing skills or experience. In fact, the simpler and more direct your poem ends up being, the better – it IS for a baby, after all! If it sounds like a grade-schooler wrote it, it’s probably perfect.

So, stay away from elevated language and structures – they’re not the point here. The idea is to express your feelings about the upcoming arrival in a sweet or funny way that is easy for your guests to understand as they read the invitation or enjoy their party favor. Not sure what you want to say? Try asking yourself the following questions as a starting point:

- What’s Mommy’s name?
- What’s Daddy’s name?
- What’s the new baby’s name going to be?
- Is it a boy or a girl?
- Are we expecting multiples?
- What’s the theme of the shower?
- What do babies eat?
- What do babies need?

Once you get these answers down on paper, start looking for ways to link the ideas. Some words might rhyme right away; others might need a bit of structure or additional words to make it happen. Here is a simple example based on the above questions:

Mary Beth and William are happy to say
Not one – but two! – juniors are on their way
So join Mary Beth, and Winnie the Pooh
To prepare for baby girl pink – and baby boy blue

And don’t be afraid to read your poem out loud or share it with others, especially those who already have children, as they can give you ideas on just the right word or thought to include. Remember, invitations and the like are keepsakes, and you’ll want to be sure that your baby shower poem is as sweet and memorable as possible.

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