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Baby Shower Plates And Some Great Uses

Putting together a baby shower is a lot of fun and a lot of work, too. If you’re reading this article, that means you are going the extra mile, searching for ideas to make your event as special and creative as possible. If you’ve already chosen your theme, and have decided on the overall tone of the event, the hardest part is over.


Now the question is how to carry it out. If you’re having a formal event, it is likely that you are using “real” tableware glass drinking utensils, ceramic or china plates, silverware, etc. But if you have chosen to use some sort of disposable tableware, you have another opportunity to reinforce your theme and surprise your guests. Here are some ideas on making your baby shower plates as creative as possible.

First, how many plates will you need? Are you serving appetizers? You may require plates, or you might be able to get away with just napkins? Dinner? You’ll definitely need large plates for that. Cake? Unless you’ve chosen a diaper cake, you’ll need to plan on a set of smaller plates for serving.

Second, what is your theme? Have you decided to go with Baby Boy Blue or Baby Girl Pink? Obviously, you can and should choose your plates to match, with either solid blue or pink colors, or perhaps some sort of trim or pattern. You can also choose plates which have a stork or newborn print on them, or even cute little baby animals.

If you have a cartoon theme, the clear choice is to find plates with that character – such as Winnie the Pooh or Care Bears. If you can’t find, say, Care Bear plates, ones with a rainbow or cloud motif will work perfectly.

Perhaps your theme is more general, such as Woodlands or Out to Sea (maybe Mom and Dad are in the Navy). Again, choose plates which will reinforce your theme, in these cases choosing trees, bunny rabbits, boats, or dolphins.

Once you know how many of each kind of plate you will need, and you’ve chosen the colors and designs that best match your theme, you can consider using the plates as part of your activities. One popular idea is to write numbers on the bottom of each plate and holding a door prize drawing if the number on the bottom of your plate is the number drawn, you win a small prize. You can also use these numbers to make teams (all evens together or all numbers written in blue together), or to determine in what order the guests will take turns playing a game.

Even if you have chosen “real” china or ceramic plates, a way to take advantage of the space at each person’s place setting is to place a small placard on each plate, with a sweet or humorous saying about motherhood or children on it – this provides a keepsake, and beautifies the table even further.

As you can see, baby shower plates aren’t just for serving food – your own creativity is really the limit. Whether you use them to unify your party theme, help you organize games, or as the background for a sentimental message to your guests, they will certainly be a much-appreciated touch to the festivities.

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