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Baby Shower Pictures To Help Remember the Special Day


One aspect of your baby shower planning you may have overlooked is taking photos. This will definitely be one of the mom-to-be’s best memories and you’ll want to do everything you can to help her remember the experience, especially because, as the guest of honor, she’ll likely forget or be unable to use her camera as much as she’d like.

If you are the primary planner, consider designating someone as the “official” photographer, since you will probably be busy with many other tasks. You can also put disposable cameras on each table and ask people to take any picture they’d like – or, give everyone your email address so they can send you their best shots from their digital photos. Whether your official photographer is using a digital or film camera, be sure to have extra batteries and film or memory cards on hand, just in case.

Prior to the party, take pictures of everything – the welcoming banner or balloons, decorations, the cake, table settings, etc. This way the mom-to-be will have a clear memory of how much kind effort her friends and family put into organizing her special day. From there, while you obviously want to take lots of pictures of the guests smiling and having fun, you’ll want to make the mom-to-be your main focus.


Some ideas for shots include: at the door upon entering the party, during games, with family members, with friends, eating, opening gifts, in profile holding her tummy, with her husband or partner (if present), and, for a laugh – at the end of the party, amongst the disorder, a shot of her with her shoes off, feet up, and fanning herself. If there are any pets or older siblings present, be sure to get several shots with them, as well. A fun idea is to have big sister or big brother “listening” to her tummy or placing their hands on it. All of these shots will be treasured later in her photo album or scrapbook and upon the walls of their home.

And don’t forget to include YOURSELF and/or the PHOTOGRAPHER in many of the shots!

When the party is over, you have several options for getting the photos to the mom-to-be. If you used a digital camera, you can simply email her all the shots; for a film camera, one developed set and any negatives you’re willing to part with. A nice thought is, if you choose not to print the digital photos yourself, is to give the mom-to-be a gift card to Costco or Wal-Mart or other store so she can choose her own prints.


An extra special touch, of course, and especially if you are very close to the mom-to-be and know her tastes well, is to put together a baby shower album yourself – this could also be your gift. Put captions on each photo naming who is in it, and perhaps making a humorous or sweet comment. If you have the time and capability, visit your guests and have them write messages near photos of themselves. Leave one page blank in the back to put a one-hour or one-day-old picture of the new baby.

Whatever you decide, make sure you do in fact take the baby shower pictures into consideration during your planning. It is one of the kindest ways to show the mom-to-be that you care.

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