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Baby Shower Pictionary, Poker, Etc.

Babies are so much fun and often times, the best part of our lives. Unfortunately, some baby showers make us adults want to head in for our afternoon naps! Nobody knows each other and there are many awkward moments of silence. Let's face it, getting a room full of people who don't have anything in common except knowing the mommy to relax and have fun is no small task.


There are your co workers, your family members, your neighbors, and everybody else that is there to celebrate, and the small talk gets old quick. Suddenly, its high school prom in your living room with everybody super glued to their respective cliques. What to do? Play a party game! Just like your teacher did in kindergarten, playing a game that involves the entire class lets the kids forget about the horrors of the first day of school and concentrate on getting to know each other. The little shy boy in the back suddenly finds himself engaged in heated debate with class mates who are desperately trying to figure out another word for CAT! That same camaraderie can be formed with grownups by playing a party game at a baby shower!

Surly this isn't a new idea to you. We've all had the pleasure of playing the "memorize the tray game". The mommy to be puts items related to babies on a tray. The lucky guests get to try to remember what was on the tray. Please folks, try to hold back your excitement. The problem with this game is it inst really a group game, and more importantly, it just isn’t that much fun!


Nothing is stopping you from taking normal party games and giving them a baby shower twist. Baby Pictionary anyone? Just grab a tripod and a large drawing pad. Then go back to that cliquey high school prom scene that is your living room and mix everybody into teams for baby Pictionary. Most people can't draw, and everybody will be laughing and trying to figure out the answers together. All you have to do is sit back and watch the sparks fly.


Poker is all the rage these days right? Why not incorporate it into your shower. Certainly this would be a hit, especially if there are any "always glad to be at a baby shower on a Sunday during football season" men running around. Simply find some cards with some babyesque themes and viola, 5 card stud.... baby style!


The most important thing to remember is to be creative. There is no doctrine anywhere stating the standard protocol for baby showers. It doesn't have to be at your home. How about a little lunch  with the ladies at your favorite restaurant? Wherever you decide to have your shower, try to spice it up a little and challenge yourself to get everyone talking about something other than the baby. This way if baby number two comes along the way, you won’t have to beg people to come to your shower, they will be begging you.

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