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Baby Shower Party Supplies List: What Do You Really Need?

Putting together a baby shower is such a big job that it is easy to forget about certain important items. When making your list of baby shower party supplies, make sure you consider the four basic areas: overall decoration, tableware (including silverware), supplies for the games, and items to put in the favor bags.

When you go out to buy supplies, it’s unlikely that you’ll forget the basic staples of your overall decoration we’re talking balloons, streamers, confetti, banners, etc. But, what you should remember is to buy enough decorations to adequately cover the space you’ll be using for your celebration.

One roll of streamer or ribbon or crepe paper, draped attractively, will probably cover half of an average-sized living room. So, go ahead and buy two rolls – you may have a bit left over, but that’s better than having a patch of bare wall. Also consider all the areas you’ll want to have balloons – not just on tables, but perhaps also on the mailbox or a post near the driveway or main entrance, at the front door, etc.

Now, your baby shower may include only cake and coffee, or perhaps appetizers, or even be a full buffet or dinner. Whatever your situation, make sure you have enough tableware and silverware not only for the number of people attending, but also for the number of items being served. If there is cake following dinner, you’ll need two sets of plates (for example). If you’re serving appetizers before the cake, you’ll need more napkins. And if you’re hosting a buffet, don’t forget platters, serving spoons and forks, a tablecloth for the buffet table, and extra covers or lids to help keep things hot.

A smart baby shower planner will plan out the games to be played well in advance, and be sure to have the right supplies on hand – and enough of them. For example, a popular game is called “What’s in the Diaper,” where you place odd-smelling foods inside disposable diapers and let your guests guess what’s inside. You’ll probably remember to buy several diapers and pungent foods like vinegar, chili, and asparagus. But don’t forget slips of paper and enough pencils for al to write down their guesses. Taking the time to go through the game in your head so you have all the necessary supplies will avoid awkward snags during the party.

And finally, you’re probably giving out small party favor bags to each guests, as a token thank-you for the gifts they’ve brought. First of all, get a head count – you’ll want to include the confirmed guests, as well as a few extras for “crashers” and perhaps even a few that the mom-to-be will want to give away to those who couldn’t make it.

If you’re buying in bulk to save money, be sure that you don’t end up with too many extras, or else it’s a waste of your budget. Of course, your favor bags should match – as much as possible – the theme of your party. Finally, if the items vary from bag to bag, try to make sure that they are “equivalent” – a package of incense or a scented candle; body lotion or bubble bath; cookies or chocolates, etc. That way all your guests go home happy – which is the whole point of the party.

A bit of organization and planning when it comes to you shopping for your baby shower party supplies will go a long way to making your celebration a success.

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