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Baby Shower: Men Are Very Welcome Too

A baby shower with men present? What is this modern new contraption? It isn't as unusual as it may sound initially. After all, the expectant mother did not get pregnant all by herself, and she is not the only one who's going to be important to the new baby. So why should the party be only for her?


And while we're at it, why should the other men important to Baby be included? Grandad, uncles, close friends and such may also attend. The challenge, then, is to make sure the men feel welcome and honored in what is traditionally a woman's event. Decorating is the first hurdle. Frills and bows take a backseat to cute and fun paper decor. Pastels give way to bright primaries.

Some of the traditional baby shower games will have to be modified to include the men, but others are tried and true no matter who the attendees are - drinking Coke out of a bottle as fast as possible, guess-the-date, predictions about weight and gender (if that's not already known) and Pictionary, for example. "Bonnet" is easy enough, but how about "receiving blanket" or "gas drops"? Some men may be more comfortable breaking out the tools and assembling unwrapped gifts rather than participating in the competitions, but hey, to each his own, and in mixed company flexibility is the name of the game.


Then there are prizes and party favors. These too need to be gender neutral, and men as well as women appreciate consumable gifts such as candies, personalized tins, bottle-shaped cookies and bubblegum cigars. If you're willing to shell out a little more for prizes, a small gift certificate to something like a coffee house or bookstore is usually appreciated.


Lastly there's food to consider. While a gathering of women might traditionally be served finger foods such as crackers, cheese and fruit, the inclusion of men might necessitate beefing up the menu, so to speak. Thinly sliced brisket, ribs, pie, rolls with jam and other heartier food will do a lot to make a mixed gathering a happy affair.


A nice touch is to record each couple attending, giving them an opportunity to express their well wishes and blessings for the new baby. This makes a lovely keepsake for the expectant couple.


So should a man also get a gift, separate from his wife...and if so, what should it be? It's perfectly acceptable for a man to get a gift for the child. And while he can get anything that a woman might get, sometimes it's nice if he gets something with a distinct man's touch: sports apparel in the baby's size, for instance, a soft "baseball" in baby's size, and so on. This is especially true if the baby being celebrated is a boy--who would better benefit from the masculine side of gift giving. Maybe the male guest could even have a talk with baby's dad about what to get the child.


Don't forget to send the invitations to the couple, instead of to just the woman of the family!

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