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Baby Shower Loot Bags Something Guests Will Remember

A child's birth is one of the marked events in the life of a woman. Making this event by throwing a baby shower for the mother brings a memory that is important to not just the mother but to the whole family and guest that attend. The gathering promotes closeness and gives the parents to be a network to rely upon. The hard thing about a party is creating the guest list and making sure the mother and guests have a good time and take memories back with them that will last a lifetime as well.


So while planning the baby shower, try to give a little something back to the attendees as well. Grandparents, close friends and family take note of the small things that happen at a baby shower. Remember you are helping create a network of friends and people that will be there and support the parents to be for the life of a child.

During the preparation for the baby shower, one would do well to include a little gift to let the guests who attended that they are appreciated. This does not have to be anything extravagant, for all of the guests know the shower is for the benefit of the parents to be. A little token of appreciation goes a long way and does not have to include a second mortgage to create. The time that it takes to be original and thought out does not have to be a constraint on the person throwing the party either.


Items that go over well are ones the people can keep without adding clutter to their homes. Here are a few ideas that I appreciated as a guest and hopefully add to your data bank of ideas that you have going. One party included simple photograph frames with a heart made of silver attached to the corner. These run about two for a dollar at any local discount store. Inside was placed a photo of the mother to be pregnant. Often mothers to be nowadays have one of these photos taken and if not, there is not a huge problem in getting a photo taken, or taking one yourself. The cost is low and printing multiple copies still stays in most budgets. Each place setting had one of these at the seat and made the event really special.


Another such idea is to take a poem that embodies the event for the mother or the preciousness of becoming a parent and typing it out and after copying it to appropriate paper, rolling up as a scroll and tying it off with ribbon that matches the sex of the baby. If you want to go the extra bit, you can attach a name tag to the paper that gives the babies name. It is a little announcement that bodes well in a scrapbook.


Many people turn to the gift bag as seen traditional. Brightly colored bags that match your theme can be filled with items such as confections, embossed candies that state the babies name or say, "its a boy/girl" always go over well. Some people have put in little items such as joke gifts, or items that surmise the personality of the crowd attending. Tying off the top of the bag does not have to be a major undertaking. It can be as simple as a silver twisty tie that is available at most any party store. Attaching something of relation to a baby is a great idea. A small rattle or a pair of miniature baby shoes are also available at local stores.


The important thing with a gift bag is to let the guest know you thought of them. To give them something to remember and make sure the small details of the event are taken care of and handled with love, right down to the gift bag.

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