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Baby Shower Invitation Wording to Start Things Off Right

As the planner of your friend or family member’s baby shower, you may not know everyone on the mom-to-be’s guest list. This means that your invitation will be the first impression many of your guests will get of the event so it’s important to set the tone and do it in a way which is both creative and consistent with your selected theme.


If the shower is a surprise, you should check with a few of the mom-to-be’s closest friends, mother, sister, etc. to get an idea of the names and faces you should be getting in touch with. AND, if the shower is supposed to be a surprise, be sure to say so on the invitation.

The baby shower invitation wording should be consistent with the theme you have chosen. For example, if you have decided on a woodland or nature theme for the party, you might say something like: “Daddy Bear and Mama Bear are very excited, because a new little Baby Bear is on the way! Come and join us as we celebrate the newest addition to the Jones’ den.” You could so the same for frogs (pond), birds (nest), etc.

Perhaps the shower is taking place around the Fourth of July. You might say something like, “Proud parents Angie and John have got a new fireball on the way (if big sister Janie is any hint). Come join us as we treat Angie to a sparkling good time.” You can make references to any holiday which is near the date of your shower.

Now then, you may not have such a colorful theme – and that’s fine, too. You can choose baby standards and incorporate them into your wording, with something like, “Bottles and bibs, beanies and booties / Diapers and wet wipes, powder and pins / The big day is coming up for Julie / Let us join her as her journey begins.”

Another idea is to go with the sex of the baby – especially if it hasn’t been revealed yet! It might be fun to say something like “Heather’s baby is almost due, she’s not telling if it’s pink or blue, so come and help us celebrate, it’s almost time – can’t hardly wait!”

A fun twist is if the mom-to-be is having twins. You can incorporate words like “two” and “double” into your invitation wording (“Double the diapers, double the fun – Gina has them by two, not one-by-one!”).

And remember, whatever baby shower invitation wording you have chosen, make sure that your color choice, font or calligraphy style, and images are all in keeping with your theme. You can also insert little items into the envelope, such as a safety pin, baby sock(s), or a tiny hair ribbon, to give it that extra special touch.

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